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How do You Choose Real Wood Versus Faux Wood Blinds?

2" Super Value Faux Blinds

07/19/2012 - What a wonderful experience.
I ordered faux 2" mahogany blinds and was notified that they were on backorder. I was offered real ones without an extra cost and I couldn't be happier. I will surely recommend you guys to any of my friends who need some blinds!

-- Gina, Florence, AL

Which window blinds are the right choice for your decorating needs and budget? We'll be comparing both kinds of wood blinds on this page.

While wood blinds are among the most popular window coverings, there's always a limit to how much people can or will spend on window treatments. Also, real wood blinds are undesirable in high moisture areas or in "high-use" rooms susceptible to damage by kids and pets.

A Quality Alternative to their Real Counterpart

Faux wood can also be called alternative woods, wood-like, fake wood, and many other names, they are a quality alternative to their real counterpart. All have slats, which imitate wood, but there are some big differences between them. They're made of vinyl, vinyl compounds, and even some are made of a combination of wood, and vinyl - in effect a wood/vinyl alloy. Since all of these products use vinyl for at least a portion of their slats they have two inherent advantages over wood blinds: lower cost and moisture resistance.

Finish and Color

2" Super Value Wood Blinds

10/01/2012 - We just installed the wood blinds we ordered and I couldn't be happier!
I was a little nervous about measuring and ordering online, but it was easy and each of the 4 blinds I ordered fit perfectly! My living room now has a nice new updated look and I will be recommending blindster to everyone I know.

-- Mia, Centereach, NY

Probably the main factors when selecting blinds as a window treatment are color and feel. If a stained color is what you want, then go with real wood. Although there are many grades of fake wood with different textures and colors, none compare to their real counterparts.

Fake wood blinds have come a long way, but they don't have the same finish. Blindster offers them with close to a real look and finish on the stain colors. When comparing white colors however, these blinds are an even closer match to their real relatives.

Other Factors

There are other factors to consider than the look and feel when choosing the right window blinds:

Faux Wood Resists Moisture

These blinds are an excellent choice for bathroom blinds and kitchen blinds, or other areas where moisture may be an issue. They are easy to clean and moisture doesn't cause them to warp or attract mildew. They're made of synthetic vinyl materials that withstand the abuse found in these rooms.

The Real Kind are Lighter in Weight

Weight is a very important factor to consider. Faux wood is heavier than wood blinds, making them less desirable for larger windows. The materials the horizontal slats are made of is heavier than real wood. Larger blinds are obviously heavier and therefore harder to operate or lift. This is not to say these blinds will not operate correctly, real blinds just take less effort to tilt or lift.

Real Wood vs Faux Wood Blinds at a Glance

Advantages of Fake Wood

  • Less expensive
  • More durable in high traffic areas
  • Moisture resistant

Disadvantages of Fake Wood

  • most people still prefer the warmth of real wood
  • there are limited color choices
  • there are size constraints and size limitations
  • they are flimsier yet heavier than wood

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