Choosing the Best Window Treatments for Blackout Shades

Window Covering Ideas: Choosing the Best Window Treatments for Blackout Shades

Not all room darkening shades are equal. Know before you buy!

There are many reasons you might want blackout shades that literally eliminate all light. For folks that work nights and sleep during the day, the ability to truly darken a room makes it easier to sleep. If you have an infant, you'll find naptime in the baby nursery another good reason to use blackout shades. As more people add media rooms to their homes, room darkening is important to enhance the experience. Whatever your reasons, there are many window treatments that will darken your rooms. The question is how dark do you want it, and which room darkening window treatments will best suit your need.

Which Window Treatments Block Out The Most Light?

Different types of window blinds are capable of darkening a room to varying degrees. While all blinds will reduce the amount of light entering a window, when room darkening is the goal, certain window treatments are definitely better as room darkening solutions. Be sure to start with how much room darkening you need, limiting your choices to the window treatments that meet that requirement.

Blackout Cellular Shades Offer Maximum Room Darkening

The blackout shades that works best would be cellular shades made specifically for room darkening. These shades offers excellent sound absorption and light filtration. Cell shades come in various pleat sizes and light control options. Make sure you choose room darkening or blackout cellular shades, and not just a light filtering shade.

Room darkening cellular shades (also known as honeycomb shades or blinds) are typically thought of as energy saving shades by enhancing insulation and come in single, double and triple layers. The room darkening cellular shades are thicker and provide the maximum light blocking. They come in a variety of colors and pleat sizes, which can block the light while saving energy.

Blindster offers several blackout cellular shades to choose from, including the Super Value Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades, Premium Blackout Single Cellular Shades, and Premium Blackout Double Cellular Shades.

Not all room darkening shades are equal. Know before you buy!

Room Darkening with Stylish Fabric Roman Shades

Roman Shades (also called roman blinds) are an excellent option for blackout shades. They are the most stylish giving you the option of style as well as function. The lining used on the back of the main fabric provides the blackout function, therefore not interfering with the design. They also fit the tightest into the recess where the blind is fitted, preventing hardly any light coming in at the sides.

Rooms darkening roman shades provide a classy look while blocking the light. Also known as "fabric shades", they are made of a thick materials that can block out 99% of the sunlight. Room darkening roman shades are a versatile choice since they can block out the sun, offer you privacy and still be very decorative. Choose from hobbled folds or flat folds to decorate your windows. Add a room darkening lining and achieve 100% room darkening with a room darkening roman shade.

Premium Light Filtering Single Cellular Shades

Premium Light Filtering Single Cellular Shades

09/08/2012 - I received my order of cordless, double cellular shades, and I just want to say I am thrilled with your product!
From the packaging the shades were shipped in to the quality of the shades - and they were so easy to install too!! I will definitely recommend to anyone in the market for shades, and I will also order from you again when my old, roller shades start to wear out. Thank you again!

-- Kathryn, Newport, DE

All of Blindster Premium Roman Shades offer blackout liners in two options.

Deluxe 95% Blackout Liner: Luxurious triple cloth woven-in blackout lining: Made of 100% polyester fabric blocks out 95% of sunlight and provides a neutral color to the outside.

Premium 100% Blackout Liner: Heavy weight lining: 100% cotton fabric blocks out 100% sunlight and provides a neutral color to the outside. Recommended for blackout on less opaque and/or lighter colored fabrics. Three pass acrylic foam with rayon flock backing.

Woven Wood Shades Add Texture to Blackout Window Coverings

Woven wood shades (also called bamboo shades), when combined with a blackout liner offer another good choice for room darkening. Many woven wood shades allow light through the natural wood fibers, but a blackout liner will block the unwanted light.

All of Blindster's woven wood shades offer blackout liners as an option (except the Super Value Bamboo Woven Wood Shades).

These popular window shades provide dimension and texture to your room with their natural materials. Not only would they be used as blackout shades, but also to provide good insulation from heat and cold.

Roller Shades Provide Room Darkening for Less

Blindster's roller shades, such as the Deluxe Vinyl Roller Shades, are a good choice when you have a tight budget, but need an inexpensive solution to darken a room. The light-blocking fiberglass reinforced 4-ply vinyl shade fabric offers maximum light control at an affordable price. Shade fabric is white on backside for uniform appearance from exterior.

Inside mount roller shades are not a good idea for room darkening. While the actual material is very good at blocking out the light,t the fact is that the brackets on a roller shade do not allow for a close tolerance., resulting in at least a 1/2 inch gap along the sides.

Horizontal Slated Window Blinds

If you prefer the look of wood, routless wood blinds or faux wood blinds are your best choice for room darkening. Eliminating route holes provides added light and privacy control. This type window treatment, however, is not considered your best means of room darkening, but with the routless feature, it may suit your needs.

Mounting Options

Outside mount would be better as can overlap the window more and thus reduce of light seeping in along the sides. If you really are set on having inside mount, you can simply hang small drapery side panels to coordinate with your shade. This would keep that small beam of light out that might peek in the sides.

No window is perfectly squared so you always will have a small tolerance in the width of the shade to accommodate the unevenness. This would be the darkest your room can get in daylight.

Preventing Mold

Keep in mind that any window treatment, whether blackout shades, or any other type should be opened every day to allow air to circulate. In the winter especially, when it is cold outside and warm inside, condensation forms. This condensation forms mold when air is not allowed to circulate. This mold is definitely bad for the wood, and likely as bad for your health, so take this simple step to prevent it.

Free Samples Remove the Guesswork

It can be really difficult to visualize the textures, colors and fabrics of various room darkening blinds and shades. Blindster removes the selection guesswork by offering free samples of window treatments. This can help you in coordinating the overall look of your rooms, to make sure that the fabrics, carpet, paint or other elements work together for just look you want. Be sure to hold the sample up to the window to evaluate the level of darkening and privacy it provides.

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