The key to creating an effective media room that’s perfect for watching sports, movies, and playing video games is to reduce or eliminate light that can cast a glare on the screen. The best way to keep light out of your media room is to install room darkening/blackout window treatments.

While blinds are effective at reducing the amount of outside light in media rooms, shades work best due to the fact that they are one solid covering with no gaps that allow light leakage. With the right shades installed, you’ll not only be able to eliminate almost all outside light from casting a glare on your television or projector screen, but you’ll also have an added decorative touch in your media room.

1. Premium Roman Shades Group A

Our Premium Roman Shades Group A are highly effective at blocking light and adding beauty to your media room’s windows—particularly when the optional blackout liner is installed. These window coverings are available in 59 different colors, which means you’re sure to find the perfect match for your room color and décor.

2. Premium Blackout Double Cellular Shades

If you need blackout shades that block as much light as possible, our Premium Blackout Double Cellular Shades are perfect for you. Not only do these coverings come in 15 different colors, but they also block 99 percent of outside light, meaning your media room will stay dark and cool during daylight hours, providing you with glare-free viewing and gaming.

3. Deluxe Blackout Solar Shades

One of our newest offerings, the Deluxe Blackout Solar Shades give homeowners a movie theater experience. Available in seven colors, the solid and matte texture of these window treatments not only blends in effortlessly with almost any room décor, but they’re also extremely effective at blocking outdoor light, heat, and cold from entering your media room.

4. Premium Bamboo Woven Wood Shades Group A

For media rooms that don’t need to be completely blacked out, the Premium Bamboo Woven Wood Shades add a splash of character while still reducing the amount of ambient light and glare. In addition, these window coverings can also be equipped with a blackout liner to further reduce outside light from entering the room while increasing insulation.

5. Premium Roman Shades Group B

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect window treatment color to match your furniture and other room décor. But with 73 available colors to choose from, the Premium Roman Shades Group B offer a huge variety of choices that are almost guaranteed to give you exactly what you want covering your media room windows. And with available cordless, top down/bottom up, and blackout liner options, these shades are every bit as versatile as they are decorative.

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