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Pleated Shades

Key Features

  • Long Lasting
  • Diffused Natural Lighting
  • Stack Neatly When Opened
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Best for...

Rooms where natural lighting is desired. Though we do offer blackout linings for full light blockage, pleated shades are great for letting in just the right amount of light for a warm, calming atmosphere.

Pleated Shades Decorating Tips

The thin profile of pleated shades makes them useful for some of the more unique window treatments. They can look great with especially slim windows where a heavier shade may not be as practical. Because of their easy stacking, pleated shades are great for sliding patio doors, providing easy clearance when they're pulled open. They will also work well over swinging patio doors, where their slim profile can fit underneath the door handle.

Choosing the Right Fabric & Lighting

Because pleated shades have a simple design, they can provide a clean, minimalistic look on their own or a great pairing with drapes and curtains. Our pleated shades come in a variety of colors, many of them are on the lighter side of the spectrum, so you can find the exact shade you're looking for to create a soft, delicate look.

Pleated Variations

How to Install Pleated Shades

How to Install Pleated Shades

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How to Install Pleated Shades with Continuous Cord Loop Option

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How to Install Deluxe Cordless Pleated Shades

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