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Window blinds and coverings from Blindster are designed to give you maximum privacy while providing you with flexibility in lighting. Not all window treatments are the same, different blinds are designed for specific uses. But, how do you know which blinds fit your unique needs? provides window treatment information to give you all the resources you need to make the best decision when choosing blinds for any room in your home.

The term window blinds is often used universally to refer to all window treatments. Window blinds, however, are defined as having horizontal slats (aluminum blinds, mini blinds, faux wood and wood blinds) or vertical vanes (vertical blinds). Window blinds work by tilting the slats or vanes open and closed for light control and privacy.

Faux Wood Blinds from Blindster, always quality affordable window treatments.

Faux Wood Blinds

Our most popular product, Blindster custom faux wood blinds offer the look of real wood blinds at a lower price. Our fauxwood blinds are durable, resistant to moisture, and available in a variety of colors. Think cheap faux wood blinds must be poor quality? Check out our super value & deluxe lines of quality 2" faux wood blinds at the lowest prices available online. We offer six faux wood collections at low discount prices sure to fit your taste and window blind budget. Fauxwood blinds are a low cost custom window covering choice.

Faux Wood Blinds products from Blindster
Wood Blinds from Blindster, always quality affordable window treatments.

Wood Blinds

Real wood blinds add natural beauty and warmth to any decor. Our custom wood blinds are made with kiln-dried basswood, the highest quality hardwood for window blinds on the market. Wood blinds provide the best insulation of any horizontal blind and our wood slats are painted or stained with multiple coats then sealed with UV inhibitors for a beautiful, long-lasting finish. Also called wood venetian blinds and wood mini blinds, they are lightweight yet durable for years of trouble free use.

Wood Blinds products from Blindster
Aluminum Mini Blinds from Blindster, always quality affordable window treatments.

Aluminum Mini Blinds

Low prices and a wide color selection make aluminum mini blinds a popular custom window treatment. Also known as venetian blinds, our custom miniblinds are made with lightweight, curved aluminum slats. Unlike cheap vinyl mini blinds, our aluminum blind slats are spring-tempered to maintain their shape and painted with multiple coats for a durable, scratch-resistant finish. Blindster's low cost mini blinds are easy to install and maintain.

Aluminum Mini Blinds products from Blindster
Vertical Blinds from Blindster, always quality affordable window treatments.

Vertical Blinds

Looking for a low price window treatment to cover large windows, patio doors, or sliding glass doors? Custom vertical blinds from Blindster are a perfect choice offering both light control and privacy. Vertical blinds are a classic design fit for any window and are especially well suited for covering large windows and doors.

Vertical Blinds products from Blindster

Selecting the Right Window Blinds for Your Home or Business

Window blinds are as much an aesthetic decision as they are a practical one and will guide you through the process of choosing the best blinds for your home. We want you to feel confident in your window blinds purchasing decision. There are thousands of different blinds on the market but keep in mind that most blinds fit into one of categories above, each one defining a specific look, usability, construction, and light diffusing properties.

Blinds versus Shades

Consumers often group shades together with window blinds and they are considered one in the same, but there is a big difference. The basic difference is a window shade is a continuous piece of material and a blind has horizontal slats. offers a large selection of Window Shade options for you to choose from.

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