Cordless Window Blinds & Shades

No-cord blinds and shades offer ease of use and a safer window treatment. Children or pets can get tangled in corded window treatments with potentially serious results. Cordless window shades and blinds avoid this risk by removing the cord mechanism entirely. Just push or pull the bottom of the cordless shade for safe, simple operation.

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Reasons to get cordless blinds:

Whether you want corded or cordless blinds depends on your preferences and safety issues. Cordless shades are a much safer choice if you have small children or pets. They also provide a clean, uncluttered look to your window by eliminating dangling cords, especially if you plan to keep your shades open most of the time - the long cords can be unsightly and challenging to manage.

Even if safety is not a major consideration, we still recommend cordless blinds as they are easy to operate and provide "just in case" peace of mind. Just keep in mind that tall or obstructed windows may not be conducive to cordless window treatments as you will need to be able to reach as high as you will want to lift your shades.

Type of Cordless Shades and Blinds:

We offer a wide variety of popular cordless window treatments to fit your style:

How Cordless Shades Work:

Cordless blinds and shades have cords hidden safely inside the window treatment's fabric and blind slats. Instead of an external pull cord, cordless window treatments have a lift handle or button in the bottom rail connected to special mechanisms inside the shade that make it easy to move. Gently pulling down or pushing up on the handle allows you to close or open the blinds, and the blind stays where it is once you let go. And no dangling cords means one less thing to worry about for your kids and pets.

Tips for operating your Cordless Shades:

Cordless blinds and shades from Blindster are long lasting and easy to operate. As with anything, taking care of your shades will help keep them running smoothly and extend their life. Here are a few tips:

  • Remember to raise your cordless blind from the center of the bottom rail to ensure the cords spool evenly inside the blind
  • For wider shades that might need two hands to lift, just push or pull evenly on the bottom rail to keep the shade straight
  • Fully depress the buttons on our SafeLock cordless shades to avoid grinding the mechanism
  • Exercise your shades! It's actually helpful to raise and lower your shades every few days to keep the mechanisms operating smoothly

Many of our blinds and shades have a standard or no-cost cordless option, but it's still worth the small upgrade cost to get cordless blinds – they are safe, easy to use, and give your windows a pleasingly simple look. Browse our cordless blinds and shades now, and don't forget to order your free color samples!

Frequently Asked Questions
What Type of Cordless Shades and Blinds are the Most Popular?
Some of the most popular cordless window treatments include:
  • Cordless Roman Shades, made from a dazzling array of fabric choices.
  • Cordless Faux Wood Blinds, capable of withstanding high humidity, which would damage natural wood.
  • Cordless Cellular Shades, which provide excellent insulation thanks to honeycombed pockets of air.
  • Cordless Bamboo Shades, made from sustainable materials for a highly eco-friendly window treatment.
  • Cordless Blackout Shades, for rooms where you need to block as much light as possible.
  • Cordless Wood Shades, which combine classic good looks with insulating properties.
Are Cordless Blinds Worth It?
Absolutely! Custom cordless blinds and shades are safe, easy to use, and give your windows a pleasingly clean look. Browse our cordless blinds and shades now, and don’t forget to order your free sample!