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5 Year Protection Plan

"We got back from dinner and our dog Sniper had gone to town on two of our faux wood blinds. Thankfully I had bought the protection plan so Blindster remade them at no charge. I'm a happy camper...and Sniper is out of the doghouse lol!"- Kaitlin S. - New York, NY

Peace of Mind For Your Home

This protection plan is Blindster's commitment to keeping your home looking its best, despite life's unexpected turns. Offered as an optional safeguard, it provides a sturdy safety net for all your window coverings —blinds, shades, and shutters—for five years, covering all types of accidental damage, such as rips, tears, stains, and even water damage. If any part of your window treatment is damaged, Blindster steps in to replace it, at no extra cost.

Blindster's 5 Year Protection Plan is a practical choice for home care. It ensures that unexpected accidents don't lead to unexpected expenses or complicated fixes.

With this plan, you can let life happen—with all its play, laughter, and spontaneous moments—knowing that the aftermath won't include stress over your window coverings. Blindster's got it covered, literally. Your blinds, shades, and shutters are more than just covered—they're fully protected.

What is the 5-Year Protection Plan?


The 5-Year Protection Plan is an optional coverage that enhances the limited warranty already included with all products. It is designed to safeguard your purchase against a wide array of accidental damages beyond manufacturing defects.

Coverage and Benefits

Accidental Damage Protection: The plan covers various forms of accidental damage, such as:
  • Broken or damaged parts or mechanisms
  • Rips, tears, stains
  • Scratches, burns, cracks, holes
  • Fire or water damage

Replacement Policy: In the event of damage, the product will be replaced free of charge, including free shipping, once within the 5-year period following delivery.

How Do I Get the Protection Plan?

Purchase and Validity

Enrollment: The plan can be purchased alongside your product to add protection immediately.

Original Customer Exclusive: The plan is exclusively available to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

What is Covered and Included?

Terms of Replacement

One-Time Replacement: Damaged products are eligible for a one-time replacement with no shipping costs.

Non-Transferable: Only the original customer may claim the coverage, with replacements sent to the original delivery address.

Size and Color Consistency: Replacements are for the original size and color ordered.

Additional Services

Inspection Rights: We may require the pickup of damaged items for inspection at no additional cost to the customer.

Proof of Damage: Customers must provide clear photo or video evidence of the damage for claims.


Not Covered by the Plan

Product and Order Limitations: The plan does not extend to:
  • Motorized products
  • Closeout products
  • Commercial or dealer orders
  • Orders exceeding $5,000
  • Any order at our discretion

Oversize Freight Fee: An additional charge of $85 applies for oversized items and all shutter orders.

Discontinued Items: If the original product is no longer available, alternative samples will be provided for a comparable product.

Refund Policy

Cancellation: The protection fee can be refunded within 60 days if the product is returned under our Satisfaction Guarantee policy.