Motorized Blinds and Shades

Built-in motors allow you to raise and lower your shades by remote control. Our motorized blinds and shades are simple to install, have long-lasting rechargeable batteries and are more affordable than ever before. Enjoy the convenience of operating your new shades with the touch of a button!

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You'll love motorized blinds and shades from Blindster:

We all remember seeing a movie where the mega-rich character pushes a button, and all the window shades close automatically. Who wouldn't want to have shades like that?

We have great news, because now you can have the same incredible shades – and you don't have to be mega-rich. Motorized shades from Blindster put the power in your hands (literally!) with remote control operation.

Benefits of having motorized shades:

If sitting on your couch and making all your shades go down via remote control isn't incentive enough, take a look at all the other great reasons to put motorized shades in your home or office:

  • Easy installation – no special wiring needed, all our motors have rechargeable batteries
  • Convenient operation – intuitive remote control can fully raise or lower shades with a single press, or press and hold to move to a desired height; there's even a "favorite" button to program a preferred partially open position
  • Raise one shade or all of them – programmable remote control lets you select individual shades to operate, or combine shades into groups to operate in unison
  • Simple, infrequent charging – our batteries can go up to six months between charges, then just connect the charger to the shade and you'll be ready to go in just a few hours
  • Cord-free control – motorized shades have no dangling cords, making them a safer choice for kids and creating a "cleaner" look in the window
  • Hard-to-reach windows – shades in tall or obstructed windows are easily operated without long cords or ladders
  • UV protection – easily lower your shades to keep out damaging UV rays, even on high windows that homeowners often leave uncovered
  • Curb appeal – a real wow factor for potential buyers (or just to impress your friends!)
Types of motorized shades:

There are different styles of shades that can be made with our motorized lift feature, see which one best fits your style and your desired opacity:

  • Cellular shades – these shades offer superior insulation in either light filtering or blackout fabric options
  • Roller shades – also available in light filtering or blackout, roller shades feature clean styling and multiple design options
  • Solar shades – this roller-style shade is made with a unique woven fabric that you can still see through to the outside while it reduces glare, heat gain and UV exposure
  • Zebra dual shades – contemporary design features back to back layers of banded fabric for stunning style and dynamic good looks
  • Sheer shades – like having two shades in one, the airy sheer fabric gently diffuses light or rotate the "floating" fabric slats for greater privacy and light blocking
  • Bamboo woven wood shades – from casual to exotic, our bamboo shades feature the beauty and texture of nature in a wide variety of colors and patterns

Blindster motorized blinds take the fuss out of raising and lowering your shades without the high costs of complicated installation and special wiring. Although we don't currently offer integration into home automation systems, you'll love the convenient and easy remote control operation and the beautiful look of your new motorized shades.

Have questions or need help? Talk to one of our experts, and feel free to order free color swatches to see fabric choices in person before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions
Types of Electric Motorized Shades
Motorized shades operate using a small electric motor, which needs a power source. The three most common sources for electric motorized shades are battery-powered, direct current, and solar.
  • Battery-operated electric motorized shades use long-lasting rechargeable batteries as power sources. Battery-operated shades are easy-to-install, do not require external power sources, and are the most popular type of motorized shade.
  • Solar-powered motorized shades are powered by the sun. Solar-powered shades are expensive, depend on the weather, and require additional installation steps.
  • Direct current motorized window shades either plug into the wall or are wired directly into the building's electrical system. The first option can look cumbersome, while the second requires installation by a qualified electrician.
How Much Does a Motorized Shade Cost?
The price of motorized shades depends, in part, on the shades’ power source. Solar and direct current shades can set you back $300 to over $1,000. Battery-powered electric motorized shades, in contrast, cost between $30 to $170 per shade.
Do Motorized Shades Break Easily?
Don’t worry about the durability of motorized shades. With no need to manually operate the shades and no risk of cords tangling or breaking, motorized shades can last longer than traditional shades. On average, electric motorized shades have working lives of five to ten years. Chances are, you’ll replace your motorized shades to match new decor before the shades stop working.
Can I Install Motorized Shades Myself?
Battery-operated motorized shades are easy to install by yourself. Except for connecting the motor to the shade mechanism, the installation process is no different from installing a manually operated shade. Licensed electricians should install direct-current motorized shades, and solar-powered electric motorized shades also require professional installation.
How Often Do Automatic Shades Need to be Charged?
The batteries that motorized power shades need charging every six months, on average—if you raise and lower shades often you may have to charge the batteries slightly sooner. With normal usage (defined as four movements a day), motorized shade batteries will last five years before they need replacing.
What are the Benefits of Electric Window Shades?
Motorized window shades offer many advantages, including:
  • Ease of installation
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Improved home security
  • Increased home value
  • Remote controlled operation
  • Safer for children and pets than corded shades
  • UV protection
Browse the Blindster collection of motorized shades, or contact us for help choosing the right window shades for your home or office. Don’t forget to order your free samples!