Custom Window Shades

Indoor window shades for home and office can improve privacy, filter light and even improve a room’s energy efficiency. Custom window shades can blend into your decor or be the star of the show. At Blindster, we offer the most popular customizable interior window shades – find the right one for you!

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Types of Custom Window Shades

Window shades are a broad grouping of window treatments that are typically made of fabric or other material that covers your window and can be raised to let in light and a view to the outside. Blindster carries a wide variety of popular custom window shades:  

Cellular shades are some of the market's most popular interior window shades. Also called honeycomb shades, cellular shades create a thermal barrier to help maintain a consistent room temperature, saving you money year-round.  

Roller shades are a favorite among designers and homeowners for their clean looks and wide array of fabric and color choices, offering privacy and an unobstructed view when fully open.  

Solar shades are roller shades with a unique woven fabric that reduces heat and glare while still allowing you to see outside, cutting down on your cooling bills  

Roman window shades never go out of style—these beautiful fabric shades come in colors and styles to match almost any decor and raise into elegant folds when opened.  

Bamboo shades (aka woven wood shades) are eco-friendly and add a natural feel to your window treatments while protecting your privacy—you'll love the textures of these organic shades and the design options they offer.  

Sheer shades provide light control by using fabric slats between vertical layers of soft sheer fabric. These shades can block light when fully closed or rotate the fabric slats open and let the sheer fabric diffuse and spread the light throughout your room.  

Zebra dual shades are double sheer shades made with alternating stripes or "bands" of sheer material with your choice of light-filtering or room-darkening fabric for a contemporary look that's both stunning and functional.  

Exterior shades are solar shades specifically made for outdoor use to withstand the elements and protect outdoor living spaces from harsh sun exposure.  

Pleated shades feature neatly creased material that stacks tightly when raised or provides privacy and light control when lowered – the namesake pleats of this shade provide textural interest and help "soften" your decor.

Window Shades vs Window Blinds – what's the difference?

Window shades are a subset of window coverings and are primarily made from fabric but include other materials as well. Shades typically are a single piece of material that is raised and lowered in the window as a single unit.  

Window blinds, in contrast, are usually made from harder materials like wood, aluminum or PVC, and have adjustable slats which can be tilted open and closed to control light.  

We’ve organized our products along these lines to help you shop, but we understand that most people use the terms blinds and shades interchangeably - and that’s ok! Whatever you call them, our shades (blinds?) are all top notch and you’re sure to find the one that’s just right for you.