Solar Shades

Filter out harmful ultraviolet rays while diffusing harsh sunlight with our solar shades for interior windows. Solar screen shades feature unique material that softens direct sunlight but keeps your view. No more glare or direct sun makes solar shades perfect for office windows, home theater rooms and more. 

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See why solar shades could be right for you

Why Solar Shades are special:

It's a stretch to say a window shade could have superpowers, but solar shades come close! Solar shades are a type of roller shade that features a unique kind of fabric with special "powers":

  • UV and light blocking to cut glare and reduce heat gain
  • Allowing you to see outside in the daytime while providing privacy inside
  • Different fabric options to block more or less outside light
  • Lowering your cooling bills
  • Dashing good looks

Why choose Solar Shades for your windows:

All kidding aside, solar shades are indeed powerful window shades. The woven solar screen material blocks most of the outside sunlight while still letting you see through to the outside. It's a super combination!

The remaining light that does pass through the shade is softened and more evenly dissipated into the room, which helps cut glare on screens and other reflective surfaces. Reducing the amount of incoming light (and heat) reduces your AC bills and protects your furnishings from fading.

Just keep in mind that solar shades don't offer nighttime privacy – their view-through reverses once the sun goes down. You can add curtains or another window treatment if you need extra privacy at night.

Looking for exterior solar shades?

The shades in this section are for interior use only, but you can shop our exterior window shades to get the same great benefits of solar shades for outdoor locations such as patios and pergolas.

How to shop our Solar Shade assortment:

Blindster solar shades are highly customizable and offer a variety of lifting styles and design features. The best option is that you can choose the fabric "openness" to determine if your shade lets in a little more or a little less light.  

  • Blindster solar shades have opacity ratings from 1% openness (blocking 99% of incoming light) to 10% openness (blocking 90% of incoming light)
  • Or choose our blackout solar shades, which block almost all sunlight
  • If you have children, consider cordless solar shades for a safer alternative to corded blinds that is easy to raise and lower
  • You can also opt for motorized solar shades, which are operated with a battery-powered remote—especially ideal for hard-to-reach windows

Ordering free samples is the best way to select solar shades because you can see what the shade’s materials and color look like in the room where you want to install the window treatment.  

Once you decide on the solar shade you want and select its features, remember Blindster offers financing options to help make your window projects as cost-efficient as possible.