Energy Efficient Window Blinds & Shades

Insulating window blinds and energy-efficient window shades are excellent ways to control room temperature and reduce heating and cooling bills. Blindster offers the best energy saving window treatments at excellent prices. Browse our energy-efficient blinds and shades to find the style and function that's right for your home or office.

Learn More about Energy Efficient Blinds:
See which energy-saving blinds and shades are right for you
Blinds and Shades can help you save energy (and money!)

There are plenty of ways to make your home more energy efficient, but your window shades are often overlooked. If you're looking to replace or upgrade your existing window blinds, consider an energy-efficient blind or shade to help you save money (and your windows will look great too!).

Types of energy efficient blinds and shades:

Certain types of window blinds are inherently better insulators than others. While something in your window is better than nothing, some blinds just don't block hot or cold air as well as others. Here are the insulating window blinds that are proven energy savers:

  • Cellular shades – our most energy efficient, the fabric on cellular shades is formed into honeycomb-shaped pockets that trap air and insulate against heat transfer year-round
  • Solar shades – specially woven fabric reduces UV rays and heat transfer into the room while reducing cooling costs and preserving your view outside
  • Exterior shades – block the sun before it even reaches your windows, with shades installed outside directly over your windows or on patios
  • Plantation Shutters – these stately window treatments block and trap outside temperatures from passing through to your home
  • Roman shades – beautifully constructed of several layers of fabric, roman shades help prevent outside temperatures from transferring inside
Are Energy-Saving Blinds Worth It?

Absolutely! The US Department of Energy reports that energy-efficient window shades and blinds reduce heat gain in hot climates by up to 60% and prevent up to 40% of heat loss in the winter for a 10% reduction in your annual heating and cooling bills. Windows are one of the most significant sources of heat loss and heat gain in your home, so investing in both efficient windows and insulating window blinds makes sense.

Not sure which energy-saving blinds will match your home decor? Order free color samples from Blindster to see how different shade fabrics look in your home. We also offer financing options to help you order your insulating window blinds when you need them so you can get your new blinds fast and start lowering your energy bills right away.