Blackout Shades

Blackout window shades prevent outside light from entering a room and are excellent for bedrooms and entertainment rooms. By blocking light, blackout blinds reduce glare and improve sleeping conditions. Despite their name, custom blackout shades come in a wide range of colors to match your decor.

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Types of Blackout Blinds and Shades:

Some types of blinds are either better suited or even specifically designed to block light better than others. For example, wood and faux wood blinds are great for privacy but the horizontal slats can let significant light into the room even when closed.

Because blackout shades are typically made from single pieces of fabric, they are much more effective at blocking light and are usually made with special materials that don't allow any light to pass through.

Blindster carries multiple styles of blackout blinds, including:

  • Blackout cellular shades: specially designed material not only blocks all light but also provides excellent insulation to save you money on heating and cooling costs
  • Blackout roller shades: light-proof fabric is used on this popular style of shade to prevent light coming into your room
  • Blackout Roman shades: these shades are a beautiful way to create your darkened retreat ñ just select the optional blackout liner when customizing
Benefits of blackout blinds:

There are different reasons for wanting a blackout shade, but here are some of the benefits you'll see in the most common locations for installing a blackout blind:

  • Windows with strong morning or afternoon sun - reducing direct heat and bright light savings cooling costs and protects your furnishings from damaging UV rays
  • Nurseries and children's rooms - perfect for daytime naps
  • Bedrooms - day or night for ultimate light control from sun, streetlights and more
  • Media rooms - get the movie theater experience in your living room, den or wherever you watch television
  • For night shift workers - highly recommended for anyone working at night or non-standard hours to help regulate sleep during the day and to keep you rested
What to expect with blackout shades:

When ordering blackout blinds, it's important to keep in mind that they are designed to block light from passing through the blind itself. The effect dramatically decreases the amount of light entering the room at any time of day.

However, this means that some light may still enter your room indirectly around the shade, usually on the sides or the bottom. When the shade is lowered and there is bright sunshine outside, you may still see a "halo" of indirect light around the shade.

This is completely normal. Since blackout shades don't seal your window 100%, there may be some incidental light but far less than with typical light filtering shades. For most customers, the blackout shades perform exactly as desired and provide much needed room darkening.

Another distinction to keep in mind is the difference between room-darkening shades and blackout shades. Colloquially they mean the same, but technically room darkening shades won't block 100% of light trying to pass through the shade, so note any shades with this rating are not complete blackout shades.

How to get the best blackout experience from your shades:

If you're looking for blackout shades, you'll want to get the best light blocking effect possible. Here's a few things to keep in mind when ordering your new blackout blinds and shades:

  • For inside mount shades, be sure to measure correctly in order to get a perfect fit for your shade ñ we will take the necessary deductions from your measurements for the blind to fit just right
  • For outside mount shades, add several inches around each side of window to help minimize light from coming through behind the shade
  • Roller shades have the widest gap between the shade fabric and the window casing (due to the mounting brackets and operating mechanisms at the top of the shade), so inside mount roller shades on windows with narrow frames or styles may not provide the desired effect
  • Drapes or curtain panels can cover the sides of the window to block light "halos" from the sides of shades (especially with roller shades)

Blindster offers blackout shades that are custom-manufactured to fit your window dimensions, with extra features such as cordless or motorized shade mechanisms. Browse our blinds and shades today or contact us for help choosing the right custom blackout blinds for your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Type of Shades are Best for Blackout?
Blindster carries multiple styles of blackout curtains, including:These shade styles are better suited to block light than blinds, as blind slats, by necessity, have gaps that allow light to pass through. Because blackout shades are made from single pieces of fabric, they block more light.
Do Blackout Shades Really Work?
Depending on their make, blackout shades for bedrooms block out 95-99% of external light. The only light that enters a room with closed blackout shades is the small amount that seeps between the edge of the shades and the window casework. Custom blackout shades do more than block natural light. By blocking sunlight, blackout shades protect furniture and decor from ultraviolet rays, which cause fading. The thick fabric used to make blackout window shades softens outside noise as it passes through the window, and the shades are extremely energy efficient.
Can You See Through Blackout Shades at Night?
You can only see through window shades if some degree of light passes through them. Because blackout shades block so much light, they cannot be seen through at night, ensuring your privacy.
What's the Difference Between Room Darkening Shades and Blackout Shades?
Like blackout shades, room-darkening window shades block light, but the two window treatments are slightly different. Room darkening shades block most light but allow some light into the room. In contrast, blackout window shades block almost all light, resulting in a much darker space.
Do Blackout Shades Keep Heat Out?
The thick fabric used to make blackout window blinds does an excellent job of blocking heat as well as light. Some custom blackout shades, such as cellular blackout shades, reduce heat transference by up to 24%, keeping rooms cool in the summer and warm in winter.
Find the Right Blackout Shades for Your Next Project
Blindster offers custom blackout shades manufactured to fit your window dimensions, with extra features such as cordless or motorized shade mechanisms. Browse our blinds and shades today, or contact us for help choosing the right custom blackout shades for your next project.