Custom Window Blinds

Blindster provides custom window blinds designed to fit your window’s specific measurements, ensuring a perfect fit. Your path to finding the right customized blinds for your windows starts right here – browse our high-quality faux wood, wood, and aluminum mini-blinds and vertical blinds to find your perfect fit.

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Custom Window Blinds from Blindster

We carry a wide variety of custom blind styles with the perfect blend of form and function:  

Wood blinds match almost any decor. Blindster uses kiln-dried basswood for lightweight, durable wood blinds.  

Faux wood blinds have the look of natural wood while resisting warping and discoloration, and they work very well in high humidity environments that would damage real wood.  

Aluminum mini-blinds are simple, durable, and classic, with a baked enamel finish that resists chipping and fading while providing privacy.  

Vertical blinds are a popular choice for large windows, including sliding glass doors and French windows. Vertical blinds can rotate in place or open fully to provide an unobstructed view.

Looking for more choices? Shop our collection of window shades for even more options!  

What's the Difference between Window Blinds and Shades?

Technically speaking, window blinds use a hard material in a series of horizontal or vertical slats which tilt open and closed to increase or decrease how much light enters the room. Closing blind slats improves your privacy.  

Window shades are typically made from fabric or other foldable material and are raised and lowered for light and privacy, have no slats, and are solid window coverings usually made from fabric.  

Colloquially speaking, the terms blinds and shades are often considered interchangeable. Just let us know what style you’re looking for and we’ll know what you mean!  

Which Blinds are Best for Windows?

The best interior blinds for your windows depend on your reasons for installing blinds, so there are a few things to consider:  

  • Wood blinds have an elegant and traditional look, but faux wood blinds are better suited for bathrooms and are more budget friendly
  • Vertical blinds are a much better choice for sliding doors since they operate easily and quickly allow access through the door
  • Aluminum blinds can provide a splash of color and are easy to maintain

Ultimately, it’s up to you! The best modern window blinds are the ones that best complement your decor and personal taste. If you have questions or need help deciding, talk to our team of experts!  

Which Window Blinds Are Easiest to Clean?

Since window blinds are typically made of durable materials, they are easy to clean with a quick wipe down or dusting.  

Don’t use cleaners on wood blinds that could affect the finish  

For areas prone to more mess (like the window above the kitchen sink or the sliding door where the dogs go in and out), try faux wood, aluminum, and PVC vertical blinds for the most durability and the easiest blinds to clean.

What is The Best Material for Window Blinds?

The best material for window blinds depends on your personal preference. If you’re looking for eye-catching blinds, natural wood is an excellent choice. If you want the most durable types of window blinds, opt for faux wood or aluminum blinds. If you’re looking for fabric blinds, check out our collection of window shades for more options.