Exterior Shades

Reclaim your outdoor space and reduce expensive cooling costs with Blindster exterior shades. Manufactured with high-quality Vertilux Solar Screen 3000 fabrics, these exterior roller shades withstand the elements for years. Help keep your home and patios cooler without losing your view with custom exterior shades.

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See why exterior solar shades could be right for you

Exterior solar shades keep you cool while keeping your view

Exterior shades help block hot, bright sunlight from entering your home and make excellent additions to your outdoor living space, shielding you from harsh sunlight. But unlike shades made of solid material, our exterior solar shades allow you to see through them so you don't lose your view. Here's how they work:  

  • Unique woven material blocks the majority of sunlight and UV rays while small gaps in the weave allow some light and air to pass through  
  • These small gaps provide visibility through the shade during the day  
  • Shades stop direct sun from overheating your space, keeping your outdoor space cooler and more enjoyable  
Where to install exterior shades:

Shades can be mounted anywhere you have a durable surface. To help keep you and your home cooler, reduce glare and damaging UV rays, and still keep your view to the outside, consider exterior shades in a variety of locations:  

  • Exterior shades can be mounted over windows on your exterior walls, especially those facing direct morning or afternoon sun  
  • Patios and awnings are a great spot for custom exterior shades – position them between posts to create a more pleasant environment for enjoying the outdoors  
  • Gazebos and pergolas are another place that can benefit from exterior shades 
More benefits of exterior shades:

Adding custom exterior shades to your home not only keeps your cooling costs down by reducing heat gain – don't forget about these other great benefits:  

  • The remaining light that passes through the shade is diffused for more even lighting in your home, and no more squinting while sitting on your patio  
  • Blocking damaging UV rays helps protect your furnishings – and you!  
  • Exterior shades can be rolled up when not needed, providing a clear view to the outside 
Tips for choosing your exterior solar shades:

At Blindster, we offer durable, affordable exterior shades that operate smoothly and look exceptional. Here's a few things to consider when choosing your new shades:  

  • Shades are custom made to your measurements, so consider how wide and how long you want your shades based on the space you're covering
  • Shades installed over windows should extend slightly beyond the window itself for the best coverage – read our measuring instruction for exterior shades for complete details
  • Shade fabric is available in your choice of "openness" levels that indicate the amount of light that's allowed to pass through – more openness means better view-through while less openness means more light-blocking
  • Darker fabrics have better view-through while light colored fabrics block slightly more light – combine shade color and openness levels to maximize clarity or light-blocking
  • Don't forget optional hold downs to keep shades in place and to minimize friction between the shade and adjacent surfaces, especially if shades are lowered for long periods of time

Exterior roller shades are worth the purchase and taking the time to measure and install. You'll be more comfortable, and your home will look top-notch with custom exterior shades from Blindster. Don't forget to request free color samples if needed, and check out our available financing options to help with your purchase.