Vertical Blinds

Ideal for patio and sliding glass doors, vertical blinds are a practical way to cover large windows. Available in PVC, fabric or faux wood styles, all our vertical blinds are fully customizable - select your size, color and stack direction and you're set! Blindster vertical window blinds are easy to order, easy to install, and built to last.

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Vertical Blinds for Any Window

Vertical blinds have long been the go-to choice for sliding glass doors. Why? Since their long vertical vanes are pulled left or right, they are far more conducive to walking in and out of your patio door versus having to raise and lower a wood blind or other up-and-down style window treatment.  

But our custom-made vertical blinds are available in any size, big or small, so you can add this versatile window treatment to any window for a coordinated look throughout your home.

Custom Vertical Blinds vs Stock Blinds

Custom vertical blinds are just that—blinds customized to match the measurements you choose for exactly how you want your vertical blinds to look. Off-the-shelf vertical blinds are typically available in only one size, designed to barely cover standard sliding door sizes. But every window is different and those pre-made blinds can leave you with a less-than-perfect fit.  

  • Want your custom vertical blinds to line up exactly with your patio door’s window trim? No problem!    
  • Would you rather have your vertical blind stack further past your window so you can see more of your view outside? Done!  
  • Installing your blinds inside the window? Get an exact custom fit for each of your windows.  
  • Custom vertical blinds also let you choose your control system, stack direction and more.  
  • Unsure how to measure? Don't worry, we provide step-by-step measuring instructions for vertical window blinds. 
Tips for measuring for your new vertical blinds:

The height of a vertical blind is essential so that it properly covers the window and there is room to install the headrail either above the window (for outside mounts) or to the top of the window casing (for inside mounts). In either case, the height of the blind includes both the hanging vanes and the track/headrail. When ordering:  

  • Provide the total height you want to cover, not just the height of the vanes  
  • Typically, you’ll measure about three inches above your window to where you want your blind to end, leaving 1/2" - 1" of space if going to the floor  
  • For inside mounts, you’ll measure the height of your window opening and we’ll cut the blind to fit just right inside the window  
  • Don't take your own deductions for inside mount measurements, we calculate that for you  
  • Read our complete vertical blinds measuring instructions prior to ordering  

Vertical blinds are a great choice to easily and economically cover your large windows and patio doors, or for any room in the house. Since you can tilt them open or closed, or draw the blind fully open they are a great choice for effective privacy and light control. You can order free samples if you need help deciding on color, and we also have financing options if you need help budgeting your new blinds.