Blinds and Shades Made in One Day

Custom blinds and shades can usually take 5-10 days to produce – but not our Made in 1 Day Blinds and Shades! We are proud to offer a selection of custom window treatments that are typically made in just one day. That means you can get your new shades faster than anywhere else, without sacrificing quality or the made-to-order sizing that fits your window perfectly.

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Fast Production for Faster Delivery

By making some of our products in as little as one day, you're able to get your new custom window shades faster than from other retailers. When you submit your order, we check for any potential issues and then queue it for production. We usually make orders the day after we receive them, so if you place your order today, we start making it tomorrow! Once your order is produced, it's packaged and scheduled for shipment direct to your door.

Custom Made vs Off-the-Shelf

Besides the fast turnaround, the best thing about our Made in 1 Day Blinds and Shades is that they are fully custom. You can order the exact size of your window and we'll make your shades so that they fit perfectly. Just because you want your new shades quickly doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality or a good fit in your window. Off-the-shelf blinds that are pre-made have fast delivery but will not fit your window as well as a custom-made shade. With our "made in a day" blinds you get a high-quality custom window treatment delivered to your door in just a few days!

1-Day Production Details

A few things to note regarding our Made in 1 Day Blinds and Shades:

  • Made in 1 Day products are typically made the day after order is received.
  • Due to the speed in which Made in 1 Day shades are produced, orders cannot be cancelled or changed once submitted.
  • All orders are custom-made to your specifications.
  • Orders typically ship the day after production via FedEx or UPS ground service, shipping time up to five days depending on delivery location.