Child Safe Blinds and Shades

Covering electrical outlets and securing cabinet doors are obvious requirements when child-proofing your home, but don't overlook another important child safety need – making sure your window blinds and shades are also child-safe. Small children (and pets) can become entangled in blind cords, posing a serious risk of injury or worse. Eliminate that risk with Blindster's assortment of child safe window blinds and shades.

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The Importance of Child Safe Window Blinds

However small the risk might seem, we can't overstate the importance of keeping kids safe when it comes to blinds and shades. Dangling cords are a tempting plaything for small children and pets, and even cords that seem out of reach can become accessible with a step stool or by climbing on furniture, leading to potentially tragic consequences. Here are some important safety tips for window blinds and kids:

  • Never place cribs, beds and other furniture near windows: this helps prevent children from falling through open windows or screens and being near any window blind cords.
  • Replace corded window treatments with cordless alternatives (recommended).
  • Install cord stops and cord cleats on any corded window shades to make cords less accessible.
  • Properly anchor continuous cord loops to the floor or wall per manufacturer's directions for roller style shades, vertical blinds and drapery.
  • Closely monitor children near corded window coverings and make sure cords are secured and out of reach.

Even if you don't have children in your home, it's a good idea to assess the safety of your window blinds and shades should small children come to visit. This applies to grandparents and other relatives, or whenever guests with children plan to visit. Homes without children are the least likely to be childproofed, so it's important to take a fresh look at any corded window blinds and look for solutions.

Types of Child Safe Blinds and Shades

The best option for eliminating the risk of strangulation hazards from window blind cords is to replace those old corded blinds with new child-safe window coverings. There are more child-safe options for blinds and shades than ever before, and it's easy to prioritize child safety without sacrificing style or function. Nearly every type of window blind has a child safe configuration, but it's important to know what to look for and what to order:

  • Cordless lift: a cordless option replaces the traditional lift cords with an internal tension device that helps you raise and lower the blind by pushing or pulling on the bottom rail. The lift cords are internal, removing any hazard.
  • Wand control: select the wand tilt option for wood, faux wood and aluminum blinds instead of a cord tilt option for rotating the blind slats open and closed, as well as on vertical blinds for rotating and traversing the blind louvers.
  • Motorized lift: many blinds and shades can now be motorized for even greater convenience. Essentially the same as a cordless lift but instead of manually raising the blind, a remote control activates a motor inside the headrail for raising and lowering the blind
  • Inherently cordless design: you can also look for window treatments that are cordless by nature, such as plantation shutters or curtains.

Tips for Choosing New Child Safe Window Coverings

If you decide to purchase new child-safe blinds or shades, Blindster is here to help you find the perfect option for your needs. With so many child-safe options available, you can still focus on other criteria, including light control, privacy, color, design and function. You can further refine the child-safe selections on this page as needed for opacity, product type and more. Order free samples to see colors and materials in person, and don't hesitate to ask us for advice if you have questions! We're proud to offer child-safe window blinds for all our customers and hope that having our products in your home provides you with a bit more peace of mind!