Roller Shades

Revitalize your window treatments with Blindster roller shades. Our roller window shades with fully customizable options in a range of fabrics that filter or block light when closed and disappear for unobstructed views when opened. You'll find the roller shade that matches your desired style and function right here.

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What is a Roller Shade?

Roller shades get their name from the way that they are designed and operate. Essentially a piece of fabric is attached to a tube; when the tube is rotated, the fabric “rolls” up onto the shade. Roller shades have been around for decades, but today’s shades raise and lower smoothly and feature a wide range of fabrics and styles to choose from. No wonder they are favorites among designers and homeowners alike.

Roller Shades and Light Control:

All roller shades block light to some degree. Depending on how much light you want in the room, you have two options:  

  • Light-filtering roller shades allow some light to filter through the roller shade, creating a soft, diffused light that gives the room a warm, inviting quality while preventing glare and providing privacy  
  • Blackout roller shades block most light to keep the room as dark as possible, perfect for bedrooms, media rooms, and other locations you want to keep as light-free as possible.

Lift Options for Roller Shades:

Roller shades are available with three different lift system options for you to choose from—cordless, motorized, and corded:  

  • Corded roller shades use a looped chain or cord – pulling the chain hand-over-hand lowers or raises the shade
  • Cordless roller shades are child-safe mechanisms that have hidden spring in the roller shade’s metal tube that releases tension when you pull on the hem of the shade, allowing the shade to raise and lower easily
  • Motorized roller shades have a rechargeable battery-powered motor inside to raise and lower shades via remote control for ultra-convenient operation – an especially good choice for hard-to-reach windows

How to shop our Roller Shades products:

Deciding on a new window treatment can seem daunting, but our simplified product assortment is easy to navigate. Here’s what to look for when browsing our roller shades:  

  • Our shades styles are organized by the opacity of the fabric, so first think about whether you want a light-filtering shade for privacy and basic light control, or a blackout shade for a room-darkening effect  
  • Next decide what colors from our roller shades assortment might fit your room’s decor  
  • Then pick the product that has the features and style to make your perfect shade  

Order free swatches from Blindster to make choosing the right roller blinds for your windows easier. Nothing beats seeing what a roller blind’s color and materials look like in the room where you’re planning to install your new roller shades.  

Blindster also offers financing options to help you complete your window treatment projects cost-efficiently. So browse our selection of roller shades today and find the right window treatment for your next project.