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Product Description

These faux wood blinds are a game changer! For more than 25 years, the design of virtually all horizontal blinds remained unchanged. Traditional blinds have route holes in the slats and do not close completely flat, resulting in light seepage and reduced privacy. Well our new 2" Faux Wood Privacy Blinds change all that with a patented design featuring no holes and overlapping slats that close flat for optimal light control and privacy! 

  • Patented close-flat design eliminates light gaps
  • No route holes in the slats for increased privacy and light control
  • Ultra high-quality, lead-free faux wood slats treated with UV inhibitors
  • Cordless is safer in homes with kids & pets
  • Color-coordinated headrail offers a clean look; optional crown valance

* Estimated Ship Date:Feb 3rd-Feb 7th

Product Specifications and Restrictions

Min Width
17.5 inches
Max Width
96 inches
Min Height
24 inches
Max Height
96 inches
Min Depth for Inside Mount (No Valance)

1 ½ inches

Min Depth for Inside Mount (with Valance)

1 5/8 inches

Depth Required for Flush Mount (No Valance)

2 7/8 inches

Depth Required for Flush Mount (with Valance)

4 1/8 inches

Min Flat Space for Outside Mount

2 1/8 inches

Inside Mount Width Deduction

3/8 inch

Valance Size

3 ¼ inches

Headrail Size

2 ¾ inches x 1 7/8 inches

Bottom Rail Size

1 ¾ inches x ¾ inch

Outside Mount Valance Returns (Side Pieces)

3 9/16 inches

Product restrictions

Tilt Wand is Color Coordinated and on the left hand side only
Inside mount is top mount only, Outside mount is top or surface mount only.