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Product Description

Go for the softer touch with Fabric Vertical Blinds from Blindster. Fabric verticals have the same functionality but lend a gentler look to any window in your home, especially large sliding or patio doors. As a more cost-friendly alternative to curtains or drapery, vertical blinds also provide more flexible light control since you can rotate the vanes between open or closed as well as fully open the blind when desired.  Optional PVC backing also gives you a bolder color inside while maintaining a neutral appearance to the outside for a uniform look in each window or for HOA requirements. A single wand control is all you need to fully operate your blind without the fuss and muss of dangling cords.

Get to know this blind:

  • 3 1/2" fabric vanes have sewn-in weights to help minimize sway
  • Wand control connected to the lead vane will rotate the vanes or pushes the entire blind open or closed
  • Fabric vanes are light filtering and provide medium privacy – PVC backing is available for room darkening
  • Matching valance included with every blind

Why you'll love this blind:

  • Fabric vanes provide a softer look in the window and are quieter than PVC/vinyl vanes
  • Aluminum headrail features durable, self-aligning carriers to help keep vanes in position and deliver smooth operation
  • Optional white PVC backing keeps fabric vanes visible inside with opaque white vanes visible to the outside for great light blocking and privacy
  • Cord-free wand control is easy to use and Certified Best for Kids™ for peace of mind

Key considerations:

  • Wand must be accessible across the width of the blind in order to fully open and close the blind

Product Specifications and Restrictions

Min Width
24 inches
Max Width
120 inches
Min Height
36 inches
Max Height
120 inches
Min depth for inside mount

2 inches

Depth required for flush mount

4 ½ inches

Min flat space for outside muont

1 ¾ inches

Louver size

3 ½ inches

Optional PVC Backing

Increases stability, longevity, privacy, and light blockage.

Fabric Louvers

Lends softness and sophistication to your home.

Self-Aligning Wheeled Carriers

Vanes readjust on track as needed.

Inside Mount Width Deduction

Approximately ½ inch less than ordered width

Inside Mount Height Deduction

Approximately ½ inch less than ordered height

Outside Mount Valance Return Length

Approximately 4 ¾ inches

Inside Mount Valance Return Length

Approximately 1 ¾ inches

Product restrictions

Wand is the only control type