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Product Description

Vertical blinds have for decades been the go-to window covering for patio windows and sliding doors. Our PVC Vinyl Vertical Blinds bring this old favorite into the future with a unique new headrail design that eliminates clunky valances and unsightly tracks. First, the main headrail features a styled front face that hides the internal mechanisms. Second, an additional element of the headrail, inspired by ailerons on an airplane, rotates down when the blinds are closed to cover the vane stems and provide privacy and light blocking. When the blinds are rotated open, this concealment apron rotates upward to allow free movement of the vertical vanes. A single control wand rotates and is used to traverse the vanes to fully open or close the blind.  

Get to know this blind:

  • Distinctive headrail design and single wand control operation
  • Vinyl vanes in a variety of styles and colors
  • Available custom sizes up to 96" x 96", perfect for any window including sliding and patio doors

Why you'll love this blind:

  • Aileron-shaped concealment apron eliminates the light gap above the headrail so no valance is needed
  • Cordless wand control is safe for kids and pets – in fact this blind is certified Best for Kids™
  • Vinyl vanes are easy to clean and extra durable against scuffs and dents
  • Self-aligning carrier helps keep vanes straight without breakage
  • A reversible PVC headrail allows you to install the blind for either left-side or right-side stacking
  • NFPA 701 certified for flame resistance

Be sure to note:

  • Headrail and control wand will be either white, off-white or gray depending on blind color
  • Textured colored vanes will be white on the back

Product Specifications and Restrictions

Min Width
18 inches
Max Width
96 inches
Min Height
36 inches
Max Height
96 inches
Inside Mount Height Deduction

Approximately ¼ inch

Inside Mount Width Deduction

Approximately 3/8 inch

Textured Louvers

Textured options available 

Concealed Stacking

 Louvers stack with minimal protrusion into window or door 

Valance Free Design

Sleek, modern headrail

Min flat space for outside mount

2 inches

Depth required for flush mount

3 ¾ inches

Min depth for inside mount

3 inches

Flame Resistant

Certified NFPA 701 for flame resistance

Product restrictions

Wand is the only control type
No valance options available
Reversible headrail, Stack Left OR Stack Right only stack options