Best Blinds for Your Garage

Blindster helps you find the best blinds for your garage
BY BLINDSTER | November 18, 2015
September 26, 2023

For many homeowners, garages aren't just places to store their vehicles—they're recreation rooms, DIY project stations, man caves, game rooms, home gyms, and even home offices. With all the varied purposes for garages, it's no surprise that many homeowners view them more like additional rooms in their homes rather than simply storage areas for vehicles, tools, and things that just don't have a place anywhere else.

No matter what purpose your garage serves, if you spend a lot of time in it, chances are you've dealt with bright sunlight that can be distracting at certain times of the day, as well as a lack of privacy and insulation. Purchasing window treatments for your garage is the perfect way to put the finishing touches on a room that you're transforming from purely "utility" to "living space," or to just make your garage a more comfortable place for your family to be regardless of the season or time of day.

For suggestions on finding the perfect blinds and shades that will complement any garage, check out Blindster's tips below.

Aluminum Mini Blinds:

Blindster 1 inch Aluminum Blind

Not everyone wants anything beyond a basic window covering for their garage. If that's case for your family, our selection of aluminum mini blinds may be the perfect option. These blinds are not only highly effective at blocking out sunlight, they're also ideal for protecting your family's privacy. This type of blind is also very durable and easy to maintain, so for a garage that's more workspace than living space, the strong aluminum slats can be a great choice. Aluminum blinds are available in a range of colors too coordinate with either the interior or exterior of your garage.

Faux Wood Blinds:

Blindster 2 inch Faux Wood

This is another great choice for "working" garages and if you have wood or faux wood blinds in the rest of your home, you can match the appearance of your garage windows to other exterior windows. Faux wood blinds are very durable and easy to clean – just wipe off the slats as needed. Like aluminum blinds, the horizontal slats can remain closed for privacy or rotated open to let in natural light as needed. Cordless lift options are available for convenient operation and a clean look with no dangling cords.

Cellular Shades:

Cordless cellular shade

If your garage is more of a man cave or a home office than a storage space, you might want to consider cellular shades as an option for your garage windows. These fabric shades are incredible insulators in both summer and winter against heat transfer through your windows. They are also available in a wide range of colors as well as lift options, including convenient cordless for no-cords operation. If you have cellular shades in the rest of your home (a great choice!) having them in a finished garage gives you a consistent exterior look.

Cellular shades can be vacuumed when needed but are not recommended for very dusty or dirty locations, like a garage functioning as a wood shop – in that case, go for a hard window treatment like faux wood blinds.

Solar Shades:

Solar shades from Blindster

If you're not familiar with solar shades, they are a roller style shade with a unique fabric that blocks harmful UV rays and reflects heat, without blocking your daytime view outside. When fully drawn, you will still have an unobstructed view of the outside with almost no reduction in visibility, but these shades will block 97 percent of the sun's UV rays, protecting your furniture, vehicles, and your family. These window coverings are also bacterial and fungal resistant, making them ideal for the potentially harsh conditions in your garage.

Note that solar shades have reverse view-through at night, meaning someone outside can see into a lit garage through these shades.

Exterior Solar Shades:

Customer photo of exterior solar shades

Because they're often uninsulated, garages are exposed to extreme temperatures on a yearly basis. Our Exterior Solar Shades are designed to be installed in outdoor areas such as porches and patios, but they're also ideal for garages with large windows that can cause major fluctuations in temperature on a frequent basis.  

Installing exterior solar shades on outer garage walls or on the eaves above the garage can help block UV rays and sunlight before it even hits your garage windows or walls.  This keeps the garage itself cooler in summer and helps prevent heat transference to other parts of your home. If the warmth of the sun's rays is preferred for colder months, you can always raise the shades to let the light shine through.

Vertical Blinds:

Blindster PVC vertical blinds

Many garages have exceptionally large windows or sliding glass doors that can be difficult to cover with traditional window treatments. If that's the case at your home, our PVC Vertical Blinds may be the ideal solution. These time-tested blinds can easily cover large openings in a budget-friendly way. Vertical blinds are also easy to operate, letting you rotate the louvers open for light and visibility or open them fully when desired. They also provide great privacy and light blocking when needed.

Because they're manufactured using PVC and aluminum, these blinds can stand up to harsh conditions and are easy to clean with a damp cloth when needed. 

Ready to start shopping for the perfect window blinds and shades for your garage? Blindster.com can help! Our friendly team is ready to help you with everything you need for custom window blinds in our garage.