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Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home's Style

Cellular Shades

The sheer number of window treatment ideas is staggering. You can lose yourself for hours looking at elegant window treatments on Pinterest and interior design blogs. To choose from the multitude of available window treatment ideas, you must consider your overall design style and pick window covering ideas that complement your style.

What are Window Treatments?

The term “window treatments” describes any material used to cover a window. Some window treatments add style to a room, while others serve a practical purpose, such as regulating room temperature, controlling light, or providing privacy. Most window treatments combine the decorative with the practical.

Home Window Treatment Styles

Window treatment styles depend largely on the style of the surrounding room. Zebra dual blinds or sheer shades might work well with a minimalist design, while plantation shutters would complement a room with a rustic farmhouse feel. Trends in home design come and go, of course, but certain styles have proven staying power, including:


Contemporary style features clean lines, simplicity and careful use of texture. Aluminum blinds, roller shades, Zebra dual shades, and sheer shades work well as contemporary window treatments.


Inspired by the classic, rustic charm of Italian villas and Greek islands, Mediterranean style focuses on light colors, earth tones, and warm accents. Clay, linen, pine wood, and raffia are popular materials, and roman shades and interior shutters are common Mediterranean window treatments.


Minimalism is an open design style that leaves out unnecessary clutter. Neutral and white tones dominate the minimalist style. Sheer shades and solar shades are excellent window treatment ideas for a minimalist room.


Rustic styles include farmhouse, Tuscan, and coastal decor, with an emphasis on aged, natural and distressed materials. Rustic window covering ideas include natural woven shades and shutters, or floral Roman shades for a dash of color.


A functional clean style with a focus on natural woods, rattan, linens, cotton, and leather and simple white, gray, or beige color scheme with light pastel accents. Roman shades, blinds, and drapes are popular window covering ideas for Scandinavian-style rooms.


A blend of Japanese and Scandinavian styles with an emphasis on nature, Natural stone, paper, and wood are popular materials, with black, dark green, eggplant, and terra-cotta tones. The most popular window treatment ideas for Japandi decor include bamboo blinds, roller blinds, and Roman shades.


A traditional style opts for timeless style choices designed to outlast the latest trends. A traditional color scheme typically uses cream, white, and sand tones on walls, which contrast with dark, solid wood furniture. Sheer shades, Roman shades, shutters, and wood blinds complement traditional design.


Blinds offer privacy while still allowing light into the room. All blinds consist of individual slats connected by rope or cord, which tilt open or closed using a cord or remote control. Blinds can be horizontal or vertical, and make elegant window treatment ideas. Possible blind types include:

  • Faux wood blinds do not warp or rot, making faux blinds an excellent choice for bathrooms, laundry rooms, washrooms, and kitchens.
  • Natural wood blinds come in a wide range of stains and woods, and complement traditional and Scandinavian design schemes.,
  • Aluminum mini blinds complement picture windows and work well with minimalist decorating.
  • Vertical blinds are an ideal covering for French windows, sliding doors and tall windows.

Shades are typically made with a single piece of fabric and are raised in the window to provide light and view. Shades come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles, including:

  • Bamboo shades are an eco-friendly window treatment which can be used with great effect with Japandi decor.
  • Cellular shades are made from honeycomb sheets of fabric that help regulate room temperature.
  • Roller shades block light out when closed but roll up discreetly when open, and are some of the most popular window treatment ideas for Japandi and contemporary designs.
  • Roman shades have the look of flowing drapery but open with the ease of shades. Roman shades complement traditional, rustic, and Japandi design themes.
  • Solar shades allow light to penetrate the room while reducing glare and heat. The simple design of solar shades makes them an excellent minimalism or contemporary window treatment.

Interior shutters come in a range of styles to complement most decor themes. A set of natural stained wood shutters could be the centerpiece of a minimalist room, or part of the background in a rustic setting, and white shutters continue to be the most popular choice for their neutral colors and great looks in any decor.

All shutters are made from horizontal slats called louvers, which come in 2 1/2-inch, 3 1/2-inch, and sometimes 4 1/2-inch widths. You get more light with wider louvers, but less privacy. Fauxwood Plantation Shutters are popular window treatments that work well in kitchens and bathrooms.

Home Window Treatment Features
Home Window Treatment Features

Window treatments often come with helpful features. Blackout shades, for instance, completely block light from entering the room to help you sleep, and also muffle noises from outside. Motorized shades and blinds include rechargeable batteries for easy installation and are controlled with small remotes. Temperature regulating shades and blinds can help reduce your energy bill by maintaining consistent, comfortable room temperatures.

Choose the Right Window Decorations to Match Your Home

The right window treatment ideas can transform your home. Find your perfect window treatment with Blindster today. If you’re unsure how to choose window treatments, order some free samples to see how the color and texture of the window treatment look in your room.