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Blindster Deluxe Cellular Shades: Product Review Video

Deluxe Cellular Shades Video Review

One of the product experts is featured in this video showcasing the Blindster Deluxe Cellular Shades collection. Available in multiple styles including light filtering and blackout, as well as with single cell or double cell fabrics, these shades are excellent year-round insulators against summer heat and winter cold. Watch the video below to see what these shades can do!

Transcript is below.

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Product Expert Review Video: Blindster Deluxe Cellular Shades


Hi, my name is Jim, one of the product experts and I've been selling window blinds for almost 20 years.  I'd like to present our Deluxe Cellular Shades collection, available with either light filtering or blackout fabric, both of which are in turn available in both single cell and double cell configurations.  

These shades are a great example of what is all about – helping people get high quality, custom window shades without having to pay high designer prices.  

Let's take a look at what makes these shades special. 

Insulating design:

Side view of insulating cells

Cellular shades are best known for their insulating properties and our Deluxe cellular collection excels in this arena.  

The cellular fabric construction creates pockets of air inside the shade that act as an extra barrier against heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. So these shades can help you save money on your heating and cooling bills by reducing temperature exchange in your window opening.

With our Deluxe cellular shades, you have your choice of two different fabric configurations:

  • The single cell shades feature a cell-on-cell design that is a great insulator, and the large, 3/4" pleats on the front of the shade are well-proportioned for both large and small windows.
  • The double cell shades have slightly smaller 9/16" pleats on the front, and two side-by-side columns of honeycomb-like fabric cells for a double layer of insulation.  

This design provides an even higher level of energy efficiency, making our double cell shades among our top selling products. 

Light filtering fabric:

Light filtering cellular shade

You have your choice of two fabric opacities - light filtering and blackout.  Here are some examples of our Light Filtering Deluxe cellular shades, which feature a semi-opaque fabric that provides complete privacy while still letting some light pass through the shade. This means you can block the view into your home while still enjoying soft daytime light inside the room.

Note that lighter color shades will allow in slightly more light than darker color shades. Also, single cell shades will allow in slightly more light than double cell shades. 

Blackout fabric:

Blackout cellular shade

For greater light control, our Blackout Deluxe cellular shades are made with a completely opaque fabric that blocks all light from passing through the shade. You can use blackout shades in bedrooms, nurseries, media and TV rooms, really anywhere you want to have a dramatically dimmed room from outside light.

Note that a small amount of light may be visible between the edge of the shade and the edge of the window opening. Bright outside light will appear as a soft glow around the edge of the shade.  

Ordering an outside mount shade that extends beyond the sides of the window can help reduce this effect.

Lift options – Safelock Cordless:

Blindster Safelock Cordless Shade

Each of our Deluxe cellular shade products are available with a variety of lift options depending on your needs and preference.  

Our Safelock cordless lift option is definitely our most popular.  With no dangling cords, it's safe for kids, easy to operate, and gives you a clear uncluttered look in the window. To raise the shade, just press and hold the button on the handle and move the shade. The shade will then lock in position when you let go. Just do the same to lower it back down.

Safelock Top Down/Bottom Up:

Safelock Top Down Bottom Up

Safelock is also available in a top-down/bottom up version, where you can also lower the shade from the top to let in direct light while still maintaining privacy. A magnet securely connects the middle rail to the headrail eliminating any light gap at the top of the shade.  

Unlike many other top down/bottom up cellular shades, the internal cords of our Safelock Top Down/Bottom Up Shades are positioned very close to the edges of the shade, so they're more discreet when the shade is lowered, keeping your view unobstructed.

Traditional Cord Lift:

Standard corded cellular shade

Alternatively, you can choose the traditional corded lift to raise and lower the shade. This option can be good for tall windows where you can't fully reach to use a cordless shade. Our corded shades are also available in a top down/bottom up version, with a cord on each side; one to raise the shade from the bottom, and one to lower it from the top.   Note that we don't recommend corded shades if you have children or pets as the cords can pose a choking hazard. 

Continuous Cord Loop:

Cord Loop Cellular Shade

The Continuous Cord Loop option uses a looped cord to raise and lower the shade, and this heavy duty system has the ability to operate extremely large shades, and is also good for tall shades where a cordless option isn't practical. The cord loop has a tensioner at the bottom that is attached to the window frame to hold the cord in place and to help reduce the risk of it becoming a hazard for small children.

Motorized Lift:

Motorized lift and remote control

Finally, our motorized lift option provides the most flexible and convenient way to operate your shades.  An easy-to-use remote control moves the shade either up, down, or to a programmable "favorite" position. You can easily operate tall or hard-to-reach shades, and even multiple shades at once, whether you're on the couch or across the room.

Deluxe for high quality:

Side view of Deluxe Cellular Shade

As I mentioned before, our Deluxe Cellular Shades have the same high level of quality as what you would get from a decorator or in-home blinds company, without having to pay those high prices. You're also going to get a lot more value from these shades compared to ultra-low priced or off-the-shelf options.  

There are a few things I really like about these shades that to me make them truly "Deluxe".  

  • All shades feature a sturdy aluminum headrail that is color coordinated to the fabric.
  • And you'll also receive heavy duty installation brackets that provide a close fit along the top of the window frame.
  • There are top-quality components inside every shade that provide smooth, long lasting operation.

A helpful feature included in every lift system on our Deluxe cellular shades are these adjusters that can change the skew of the bottom rail in case the shade (or your window sill) is not level.

D-cell fabric construction:

D-cell fabric design

All of the Deluxe fabrics also are made with what we call a "D-cell" design. Like the letter D, the front side of each cell is actually slightly longer than the back. This prevents the front of the shade from sagging or going flat, providing long-lasting good looks.

Color options:

Back side of cellular shade

We offer a wide range of available colors to help you coordinate with your decor, to either blend in or provide a contrasting element in your design.

Also, no matter what color you choose, the back of the shade is always going to be white to the street, providing a neutral appearance for HOA requirements or to have different color shades in different rooms.


I hope this in-depth look at our Deluxe Cellular Shades collection helped to explain the many features, options, and ways you can customize these shades for any room in your home.  If you have any questions or need assistance ordering, we're here and ready to help.