The Efficient Honeycomb Shade Vs. The Affordable Pleated Shade

Pleated shade comparison
BY BLINDSTER | October 24, 2014
September 26, 2023

Nothing is simple anymore, is it?

That's a good thing and a bad thing.

Today, we want to make that decision process a whole lot easier for you by comparing honeycomb shades and pleated shades. Let's take a look at them:

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shade in living room

These shades have hexagonal (6-sided) cells, and are often referred to as cellular shades. You can get single-cell or double-cell honeycomb shades. They're made of a single continuous piece of fabric, and their style fits any room or décor you have.

Additional benefits of honeycomb shades:

  • Save on energy costs – They're the best kind of insulating shade
  • Enjoy your view – They almost completely disappear when raised
  • Great privacy – You can get them in a blackout option, which hides 99% of all natural light when they're lowered
  • Totally safe – If you have kids or pets, you can get them with cordless operation which guarantees their safety
  • Peaceful sleeping – They have a unique internal structure that reduces noise

Rooms they work best in:

  1. Bedrooms
  2. Living areas

Pleated Shades

Pleated shades in living room

They're actually pretty similar to honeycomb shades. The big difference is that, while honeycomb cellular shades have 2 or more layers that form compartments which trap air, a pleated shade has just one layer of material that is folded back and forth.

Pleated shades, also called pleated blinds, do not have slats. They are one continuous layer of fabric.

Their benefits:

  • Beautiful visual appeal – Equal to that of honeycomb shades
  • More cost-effective – Much more so than honeycomb shades
  • Good light – Pleated shades let in more light than honeycomb shades and almost completely disappear when raised.
  • Privacy control – The single layer of fabric does not always provide privacy. Many pleated shade fabrics are very sheer. However, you can choose an opaque fabric, or add privacy or blackout liners to most pleated shades.
  • Safe for kids and pets – They also have a cordless or cordless top down/bottom up operating feature to eliminate cords.

Rooms they work best in:

  1. Living areas
  2. Dining rooms
  3. Kitchens

Comparing Honeycomb Vs. Pleated Shades

So those are the benefits of each type of shade. To make a quick comparison between them, think of it this way:

  • Honeycomb shades are beautiful, elegant, and save much more energy than pleated shades, but they also cost more
  • Pleated shades are just as gorgeous as honeycomb shades, don't save as much energy, and don't always provide privacy but cost less

That's the 5-minute guide to comparing these two types of shades.

Which makes more sense for your needs? Ready to start shopping?  See Blindster's complete collection of honeycomb/cellular shades and pleated shades.