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Fall Home Preparation Checklist

Fall Home Preparation Checklist

Using a fall home checklist is an easy way to prepare your home for the cooler temperatures that fall brings. Not only do you want to take care of some things inside, but you need to focus on the outside of your home, too. Find out the fall home maintenance tasks you need to do this year.

Here are some helpful tips on how to prepare your home for fall from top to bottom and door to window:

Outside Your Home

Though you can spend a lot of time inside, start outside first. You'll discover a few essential things you need to do this fall.

Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters are a major hazard. They can cause damage to nearby walls and cause water to flood your basement. Spend some time cleaning your gutters of leaves and other debris, or hire a professional cleaner.

Drain Hoses and Outdoor Faucets

Fall is a good time to drain any hoses or outdoor faucets you have. Any water stuck inside can freeze in the fall or winter and cause the pipe to break. You might find it helpful to put away your hoses, too.

Fix Cracks

Fixing cracks is another helpful fall maintenance tip for your home. Check both asphalt and concrete surfaces outside, such as your patio or driveway. Any cracks there will freeze and expand as the temperature changes, making them appear even larger in the spring.

Inside Your Home

Your fall home checklist should include a few helpful things you can do on the inside, too.

Check for Drafts

When you ignore the drafts you feel inside, you can lose quite a lot of money. Drafts cost most homeowners hundreds of dollars every year. Weather stripping helps you seal your windows to prevent heat loss.

Inspect Your Furnace

Even if you live in a region with a mild climate, you may need to use your furnace. Inspect it before the first cold snap to make sure it will keep your home warm.

Fall and Window Coverings

Installing energy efficient window coverings is a great way to get your home ready for fall. Cellular shades, wood blinds, and plantation shutters offer the highest degree of insulation in window treatments to better regulate the temperature inside. By blocking the sun’s heat and winter’s cold, new blinds, shades, and shutters also keep the warm air trapped inside and can reduce some of the drafts you missed. Make sure that you know what size is right for each window, and choose designs that match the color and design of each room.

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