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Tips to Get Your Guest Room Ready Before the Holidays

Get your guest room up to par

Although you may have the luxury of a guest room, it’s often a chore to make it feel just like home before your guests arrive. Your guests will just be happy to have a place where they can rest and be comfortable, but you need to make them feel at home with a setup that includes everything they may need.

Clear the drawers and closet spaces
Organize those closets

If your guests are planning to stay for more than a couple of days, they will want to take their clothes and personal items from their suitcases. Ensure that you clear the dresser drawers and leave some empty hangers.

Prepare an amenity basket
Gift basket for guests

Include a basket filled with disposable toothbrushes, fresh towels, over-the-counter medication, and toiletries. This means that your guests won’t have to bother you in case they forgot anything at home.

Make the bed more comfortable
Make the bed more comfortable

Don’t put an old squeaky bed into your guest room and expect that your guests will enjoy their sleep. The squeak will awaken them. It’s also important that you invest in a quality mattress and an assortment of pillows and pillowcases to make the bed as comfortable as possible.

Fresh flowers
Floral bouquet

To bring life into your guest room, add fresh flowers. These flowers will also give your space a nice scent. Additionally, if your room is a little bland, adding fresh flowers will improve its color.

Freshen guest bedding

Nothing will help your guests relax more than an inviting bed with soft and clean linens. To transform your guest room into a luxurious space, go for white cotton sheets. A linen duvet cover is also an excellent guest-bedroom choice. Its crinkly appearance means that your guests won’t need to spend time making the perfect bed.

Install shades and blinds
Install shades and blinds

Most of your guests will sleep best in complete darkness. To help create the perfect sleeping environment for your guests, you may need a blackout . If you install a shade or blinder first, you must add another layer. The layer may include patterned curtains or sheer ones. To brighten up your guest room, get curtains with attractive patterns.

Now that you know the essentials, you can add some personal touches throughout your guest room. If you need professional assistance in transforming your guest room, talk to one of the reps today.