Whether you work from home or use your home office for occasional telecommute, you deserve more than just a desk and a chair stuffed in a corner. Your home office should reflect the design and comfort of your home. Additionally, your office should inspire creativity and help you get the job done. To help you update your inspiring workspace, here are five office ideas that will help you create a charming and practical workspace.

1.     Go Green

Breathe some life into your workspace to inspire you. Who knows, you might even look forward to working! You need a home office that is ergonomic, practical, clean, and comfortable. Otherwise, you may as well work at the kitchen table. You can make your home office more appealing by adding a lovely plant. A plant can help you feel calm and improve air quality.


2.     Get Artsy

Even if you work all day in your home office, adding art will energize your workspace and keep you motivated. You can also create your own artwork and have it framed.

3.     Choose the Right Color

Contrary to popular belief, you should choose a color that speaks to you and not a trendy color. Choose a color that provides a perfect background to motivate you to become more productive. Whether you paint the office shelves, ceiling, and walls with a single color to make your workspace feel larger, a color-filled environment will make you feel more inspired to work from your home office.

4.     Don’t Forget Lighting

Most offices have plain lighting like fluorescents. The reason why most offices opt for plain and cold lighting is to provide workers with sufficient lighting. You strain your eyes enough by staring at your screen most of the day. Therefore, don’t limit lighting on your home office. Make use of natural light and supplement it where it falls short.


5.     Regulate Temperature

According to a recent study pioneered by Cornell University, temperature affects productivity. Productivity will drop when temperatures go below 63 percent and above 82 percent. Without the right temperatures, employees have been found to waste 10 percent of their time every hour and make approximately 44 percent more mistakes.

To ensure that your home office has the right temperatures, use shades to help reduce heat transfer through your office windows. This can lower your energy bills and make your home office more comfortable during the hot summer days.

Decorate Your Home Office

Decorating your home office is a simple process, but it can take time. Follow the above simple tips to decorate your office. For the best blinds, visit Blindster today.