Even the most meticulous homeowners forget to clean their blinds; however, if that is you, you might want to make a habit of it. When you neglect your blinds, they can quickly become soiled with the dust and dander floating around your home. Don’t wait for clouds of grime to appear; instead, you can try these simple tips to keep your blinds clean.

Tips on How to Clean your Blinds

Regardless of the type of blinds you have – Metal, wooden or fabric, the following tips will help you clean and maintain your blinds:

Aluminum blinds

Most metal blinds are made from aluminum, and they are known for their durability. They can withstand exposure to the sun for long without getting damaged. To clean your metal blinds, use a dry rag to wipe the dust. If it has been a while since you last cleaned your blinds, use gentle soap and clean water.

Wood blinds

These types of blinds are often treated using a unique finish to help repel stains. Of course, they will collect dust, so regular dusting with a feather duster or using the soft brush attachment of a vacuum is necessary. Use a good quality furniture polish to clean the wood blinds. Get a clean cloth and spray the furniture polish on it and wipe the slats individually.

Faux wood blinds

While wood blinds look great, if you want a natural look of wood, faux woods are a great alternative, especially because they are more affordable compared to wood blinds. Additionally, cleaning and maintaining them is easier. Faux wood blinds aren’t affected by water because they are more resistant to moisture than actual wood. To clean them, use a soft clean rag with soap to wipe down the slats.

Replace your Old Window Blinds

Are your blinds old and worn out? While cleaning them may be easy, replacing your discolored blinds will upgrade the look of your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Your new blinds will improve the aesthetic features of your home while keeping your loved ones safe.

 If you and your family are still trying to decide the best type of blinds and shades, visit Blindster today or contact a knowledgeable professional to help you choose the best type for your home.