Back to School with A Bedroom Refresh

Back to School
BY BLINDSTER | August 30, 2019
September 29, 2023

New school years are not unlike new years – they’re a great opportunity to make changes and start fresh. This is a great time to refresh your child’s bedroom is equipped to keep up with their growth and activities this upcoming school year.

How to Prepare Your Child’s Room for Back to School

Your kid’s bedroom is their ground zero. It’s where they’ll sleep, do homework, and relax, so their space should be capable of helping them do just that. Here are some ways to refresh their bedroom and make it a more comfortable and functional place for the upcoming school year.

Help Them Focus on Homework

Focus on Homework

Kids are more likely to do homework regularly and do a better job when they have their own quiet space to work on it. Putting a desk in their room means they won’t have to do homework in a distracting area like at the dinner table. And pairing a new desk with a matching chair and accessories like a lamp, a cork board or whiteboard, and new school supplies makes the setup feel exciting.

Make Their Space All About Them

Make Their Space All About Them

A child will be more willing to do homework in their room if they love their room, so make some time to personalize their space. Let them help paint their bedroom walls and pick out new furniture – like a desk, toy chest, chair, or rug. Help makes them feel included and gives them a sense of responsibility; it may even motivate them to keep their room cleaner.

Ensure They Sleep Better

Bed by a window

If your child can’t get good sleep at night, it can negatively impact their performance at school and in after-school activities. Ensure your child gets quality sleep by getting them a new mattress, or even a simple mattress pad topper. You can also get them a fun new set of bedsheets, to make bedtime something to look forward to.

Another way to ensure your child gets quality sleep is to install blackout shades. These help block out light that can keep them awake at night. Blackout shades come in a variety of styles and colors that can easily match the decor of your child’s bedroom, and go the extra mile in making it easy to get uninterrupted sleep.

How to Prepare Your Home for a Busy School Year

Having kids in school means your life as a parent is busy and messy. But there are a few ways you can keep a lid on after-school messes and busy schedules. With these handy tips, you can set yourself – and your house – up for success for the whole school year:

Make a Calendar

Calendar to get organized

Keep your child’s assignment due dates, music lessons, sports practice, field trips, and other important reminders logged on a calendar where everyone in the family can see them. You can buy a premade hanging calendar, make your own with a piece of poster board, or use a reusable magnetic whiteboard where you can attach important documents. Teach your kids how to add new items to the calendar as well as how to use it.

Get Organized

Calendars aren’t the only things that can accumulate clutter. Hallways and closets are easy dumping grounds for coats, shoes, backpacks, and sports gear. Set up baskets, shoe shelves, and a coat rack by your front door so your kids can keep the area neat, or redirect your kids to come in through your home’s mudroom entrance, if you have one, which is ideal for holding gear and keeping it from spilling out into the rest of your home.

You can also put baskets and other storage devices and in other areas of your home that see heavy traffic, like the living room. Storage containers work wonders when it comes to keeping a lid on clutter, like toys and TV remotes.

Create a Cozy Yet Productive Study Area

Cozy kids area

Sometimes your kids may need a break from doing homework at their desk in their bedroom, so it is a good idea to create another area in the house where they can read and study in peace, away from distractions. If you have a spare bedroom or a nook somewhere in your house – like an open area under your stairs – you can easily give your kids this additional space.

Make it accessible and comfortable – with things like bean bags, blankets, bookshelves, adjustable lighting, and a desk surface – that they can use any time they need a change of scenery. It may also help encourage them to read more often, and who can anyone argue with that? With a personalized and study-friendly bedroom, your child will be prepared to tackle the upcoming school year. And with a more organized home, you will be better.