The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Ultimate Guide to Making Your Apartment Feel Like Home
BY BLINDSTER | August 26, 2019
September 26, 2023

Moving into a new apartment has its ups and downs. Sometimes a new place to live means a fresh start, a new city, or an upgrade to your housing situation. But it can also mean a stressful move, leaving behind the familiar, and settling into a new routine. Making your new apartment your own is a way to stay grounded, even if life seems chaotic and unpredictable.

So, you’re ready to get settled into your new place and put your personal touch on it, but then you remember: you signed a pretty strict lease agreement that prohibits anything too ambitious. You don’t want to chance it and lose your security deposit, after all. Read on to learn how to make your apartment feel like home without breaking those pesky restrictions!

Avoid Security Deposit Doom

Avoid Security Deposit Doom

First, let’s get the boring stuff out of the way: what is and is not allowed? Your security deposit is a way of ensuring that you leave the apartment like you found it, which unfortunately is probably quite boring. The good news is that while your lease may limit how much you can transform your apartment, there are dozens of ways to make the best of these rules. It is important, though, to know what to avoid.

Decorating restrictions vary depending on the property and landlord, but should be outlined clearly in your lease. Things to look for include rules about hanging fixtures on the walls, painting, reflooring, and replacing hardware and appliances. Whether your decoration restrictions are strict or lenient, the ideas below can help you get started in decorating your apartment.

Display Your Favorite Artwork

Display Your Favorite Artwork

Artwork is a great way to personalize your apartment. Some rental properties do not allow you to put nails in the wall, but you can still display your favorite art elegantly without leaving a trace.

The go-to way to mount artwork is by using frames and canvases. These are classy and versatile, making them great for most spaces. Some of our favorite options are Command Strips and Hooks, which come in many sizes and strengths to meet your needs. You can also make use of bookshelves, mantels, or even tables by leaning artwork against the wall.

You might also look into posters and wall decals. Posters are lightweight and can typically be hung with strong double stick tape or mounting putty. Wall Decals are even easier to hang, because they are made to stick directly to the wall and are entirely removable.

Adorn Your Windows

Window adornments are another way to liven up your apartment. Whether it’s wooden blinds, blackout curtains, or drapes that bring some life and color to your room, you can change the entire atmosphere of your living spaces just by enhances your windows.

Many blinds and curtains must be mounted with screws or nails, making it difficult to find the right fit for your apartment. At Blindster, we offer blinds and shades that are mounted with ultra-strong 3M adhesive backing.

Our No Tools blinds and shades are easy to install and perfect for a rental property. Our Cordless Faux Wood Blinds will give your room a classic look, and our Cordless Single Cellular Shades and Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades are offered in nine colors!

Brighten Your Space

Lighting adds an entire dimension to a living space; it can make the space look bigger, create a vibrant atmosphere, and change the mood, just with the flick of a switch. Choosing the right lighting can transform an ordinary apartment into YOUR home.

In many apartments, you can replace the original lighting with your own ceiling fixtures, so long as you return the fixtures to their places before you move out. If replacing ceiling fixtures isn’t an option, floor lamps are an excellent alternative! Floor lamps give off a surprising amount of light and come in many different styles, allowing you to truly personalize your space. You can also change the mood by adding track lighting or small LED lights.

One of the most important things you can do, however, is maximize your natural light. By choosing a balanced combination of shades and artificial lighting, you can enjoy the sunlight from the comfort of your couch or bed.

Home at Last

The key to having a successful move is finding a way to make your new apartment feel comfortable and homey. This can look many different ways for different people, but adding your personal flair is the way to go when you are renting a place to live. Fortunately, with innovations like Command Strips, No Tools Shades, and bright floor lamps, making your apartment feel like home can be easier than you ever imagined!