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Vertical Fabric Blinds: Still Stylish and Affordable

Vertical Fabric Blinds: Still Stylish and Affordable

In a recent post, we talked about roller shades. Even though they first came around in the 70s, they’ve evolved and adapted to become suitable for your home.

Did you know vertical blinds actually go back a little further? Edward and Frederick Bopp actually invented them in Kansas City, Missouri in the 1960s. Their company was Sun Vertical, and later that decade they sold both the patent and their company.

Even though they’ve been around for 50 years or so, fabric vertical blinds are still a mainstay in many American homes.

Why Should You Buy Vertical Blinds?

Enough about their history. Let’s discuss what you really care about. What value do they give you that other blinds don’t?

A few things:

  1. Perfect covering for patio doors, bay windows, and French doors – No other window treatment does it better with the same amount of style. If you have large doors or windows, they’re the perfect solution.
  2. Amazingly decorative – You can get the vanes in fabric, faux wood, and traditional PVC. A wide array of colors and textures are available in both modern and retro styles. Whatever look you want to achieve, vertical blinds make it happen.
  3. They last for years – Their quality depends on who you buy them from. If you get vertical blinds from a company that uses high-quality production methods, you’ll get years of service from them.
  4. Easy to operate and control light – One way they operate is by cord and chain. The cord opens and closes the blind. The chain controls the angle of the louvres. You get high control over the amount of light and privacy you have at any given time.
  5. They’re affordable – If you have large windows or doors to cover, that gets expensive in a rush with many blinds and shades. With vertical blinds, you’re able to cover them at a cost that’s much friendlier to your budget.

Decades after their invention, vertical blinds still make a great asset for your home. And with a number of different styles and colors available, you’re sure to find something that suits your personal tastes well!