Why Order Free Samples?

Why Order Free Samples
BY BLINDSTER | September 30, 2019
September 26, 2023

Sometimes it’s nice to try before you buy. After all, who wants to be stuck with something they don’t like?

Here at Blindster, we get that. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and with our free sample service, you can order a few free samples of shades, blinds, or shutters, and make sure they’re the perfect match for your home or office before you purchase them.

Why Samples Help

Why Samples Help

Samples allow you to get a feel for the shutter, blinds, or shades you’re interested in purchasing, literally. Since computer monitors are all calibrated differently, colors may not always display properly, meaning you could potentially end up with blinds that aren’t quite the right color.

But with samples, you can see exactly how the colors look and easily verify that they blend in with your room’s paint, window frames, and other existing window coverings. Samples also let you see how sheer the material is, allowing you to get a feel for their privacy and light filtration capacities.

Lastly, ordering samples allows you to to see the texture, patterns, and underlying accents of each product before your order it. It’s more difficult to notice small details like these online than it is in person, so it’s nice to be able to see the product and ensure it’s a perfect fit before purchasing.

Although we back each of our custom products with guarantees and a warranty, samples give you peace of mind and help ensure you order the right product the first time. Taking the time to try a few samples can help prevent you from having to potentially deal with the hassle of returns.

How to Order Samples

Ordering free samples of shades, blinds, and shutters from us is easy! Simply visit our Free Samples page and choose up to ten products you want a sample of. You can choose swatches from a variety of product categories, including: wood blinds, faux wood blinds, aluminum mini blinds, vertical blinds, cellular shades, pleated shades, bamboo woven wood shades, roller shades, solar shades, Roman shades, exterior shades, sheer shades, and shutters.

Within each category, you can choose from multiple products and colors, and add them to your cart. Then on the checkout page, simply enter your name, address, and email. Shortly after, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and your free samples will ship from Texas via US mail within one business day.