Woven Wood Vs. Roman Shades

Do woven wood shades stack up to roman shades?
BY BLINDSTER | November 10, 2014
September 25, 2023

With so many choices with modern blinds and shades, it can be overwhelming to choose the right style for your home. The best shade? It's the one that makes you happy by fitting with your home's décor while giving you the functionality you need (like privacy, energy efficiency, or complete blackout). Today, we'll help you learn more about woven wood/bamboo shades and Roman shades and the pros and cons of each.

Let's get right to it:

Woven Wood Shades

Blindster Bamboo Woven Wood Shade

Natural materials have become more popular with all kinds of products, and in recent years, shades. Woven wood shades can be made from materials like wood, bamboo, grass, and jute.


  • They give the inside of your home a natural outdoor look
  • Their look is unique and loaded with character
  • Woven wood looks great as a decoration in any home
  • You can get them with privacy control light backing
  • The backing also accentuates the texture of the woven wood shade, making it more attractive
  • When they fold up, they have a decorative look just like Roman shades


  • You can't fully control the look of natural materials, which means your shade may not look exactly like the sample you saw
  • Woven wood gets slightly ragged at the edges, but this can be controlled with decorative tape
  • Grass can fray over time, which lets in more light and reduces your privacy
  • Natural materials are susceptible to sunlight and moisture level changes, which can warp or fade these shades

Roman Shades

Roman shade from Blindster

These shades have actually been around for centuries. Now, they refer to fabric shades raised and lowered by a cord. What makes them unique is they stack up evenly when open, while they are visibly smooth when closed. Other shades appear bumpy or ribbed.


  • Timeless – they don't go out of style
  • Incredibly versatile – there's a style for every type of home
  • Variety of styles that give your home a soft, feminine or masculine and tailored look
  • You may not need a top treatment or valance (depending on your tastes) because of how much fabric stacks at the top of your window
  • Roman shades have thick fabric and are decent insulators


  • Their fabric stacks can block much of the light that comes through your window, even if you raise them fully
  • They're either up or down – you can't open and close their vanes/slats like blinds
  • Overall, both woven wood and Roman shades make a great addition to your home if they fit your tastes.

Now you know more about both, so you can make the best decision for your needs.  Ready to start shopping?  Take a look at Blindster's full assortment of bamboo woven wood shades and fabric roman shades.