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Deluxe Blackout Vinyl Roller Shades

High-end materials that include fiberglass reinforced fabric, form this unique roller shade that naturally accentuates the appearance of your home’s windows. The blackout fabrics reduce glare and unwanted light, while increasing your family’s privacy. This shade is a perfect addition to the modern home.

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  • Light blocking, fiberglass reinforced, 4-ply vinyl roller shade fabric
  • Custom made to your measurements; 103" width x 120" height max
  • Blackout fabric provides maximum light control and privacy
  • Standard cordless spring roller lift system
  • Optional continuous loop lift cord at no extra charge
  • White on backside for uniform appearance from exterior
  • Optional Cassette Valance for a clean look
  • Features tailored and weighted bottom hem
  • Flame resistant fabric
  • Conforms with C.P.S.C safety guidelines
  • Fit or Free™ Guarantee
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Heavy duty roller
  • 4-ply light blocking fiberglass reinforced fabric
  • Beaded chain colors for continuous loop lift: White, Vanilla, Grey or Black.  Clutch is white.
  • Cassette valance colors (coordinated to fabric color): White, Vanilla, Brown, Silver or Black
  • Cassette valance available with the continuous cord loop lift system only for an additional charge.  The cassette valance must be ordered with the original shades and cannot be added after the shades are made.  
  • Factory deductions for inside mount: 1/8" tip to tip deduction; 1/2" barrel deduction; 1 1/4" fabric deduction for spring roller and with cassette valance and continuous loop lift cord
  • Factory deductions for outside mount: no deduction tip to tip; 3/8" barrel deduction; 1 1/4" fabric deduction for spring roller and with cassette valance and continuous loop lift cord
  • Minimum width: 14"
  • Maximum width: 73" spring roller; 103" chain lift
  • Minimum height: 12"
  • Maximum height: 120"
  • Shades over 73" wide AND 60" long - vinyl fabric is railroaded (turned on side) and a horizontal seam will be visible. Lengths 60" to 74 1/8" the seam is located approx 55" from the top of the shade. For lengths over 74 1/8" the seam is located approx 45" from the top of the shade. 
  • Minimum depth required for inside mount: 1 1/4" without cassette valance; 1 3/4" with cassette valance
  • Depth required for inside flush mount: 2 1/2" without cassette valance; 4" with cassette valance
  • Minimum flat space required for outside mount: 1 1/2" without cassette valance; 2 7/8" with cassette valance
  • Reverse roll must be top or side mounted (cannot be mounted back to the wall for outside mount).  In addition, reverse roll shades will have a large gap between the back of the window/wall and the fabric, increasing the amount of light around the edges of the shade.
  • Continuous loop lift: cord length approximately 2/3 height of shade


Roller Shade Cassette Valance
  • Roller Shade Cassette Valance - (Varies by width) - The optional cassette valance covers the roller at the top of the window and provides a clean, modern look. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: The cassette valance option must be ordered at the same time as the original shade and cannot be added after the shade is made.
Standard Roll Orientation
  • Standard Roll Orientation - Fabric rolls off the back of the roller (closest to the window).
Reverse Roll Orientation
  • Reverse Roll Orientation - (adds $2) - Fabric rolls off the front of the roller (away from the window).
Cordless Spring Roller
  • Cordless Spring Roller - A spring hidden inside the metal roller tube allows for raising and lowering the shade by grasping the bottom hem.
Chain Lift
  • Chain Lift - A continuous loop beaded chain with tensioning mechanism is used to operate the shade. This lift type is required on shades over 73" wide.
Plain Hem (standard)
  • Plain Hem - (standard)
Rounded Hem with Fringe
  • Rounded Hem with Fringe - (price varies by width)
Scallop Hem with Fringe
  • Scallop Hem with Fringe - (price varies by width)
Wave Hem with Fringe
  • Wave Hem with Fringe - (price varies by width)

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Inside Mount

  • Mounted within the window frame
  • Provides a clean, built-in look
  • Great way to leave attractive woodwork exposed
  • Minimum depth required for secure inside mount: 1 1/4" without cassette valance; 1 3/4" with cassette valance
  • Depth required for inside flush mount: 2 1/2" without cassette valance; 4" with cassette valance
  • If window frame isn't deep enough, please select outside mount

Outside Mount

  • Great option when there is not enough depth for an inside mount
  • Mounted to the wall, ceiling or molding surface surrounding the window
  • Often used to make the window appear larger or to hide a less attractive window or door
  • No minimum depth requirement
  • Minimum flat surface (on wall, ceiling or frame) required for secure outside mount: 1 1/2" without cassette valance, 2" with cassette valance.
  • Cordless shades with reverse roll must be mounted to the top (generally a ceiling mount).

Measuring for Inside Mount

STEP 1: Measure the inside width the top of the window opening (where you will mount the shade). We will make the necessary deductions (approx. 1/8").

STEP 2: Measure the height at 3 locations - the left side, middle and right side. Record the largest of the 3 measurements. This is your ordering height.

NOTE: Roller shade fabrics will be approximately 1-1/2 inches narrower than your ordering width to allow for brackets. If concerned over resulting light gap please select outside mount.

Measuring for Outside Mount

STEP 1: Measure the width of the area you wish to cover. If space allows we recommend adding 2-3" (1-1 1/2" each side) to this measurement to help eliminate light seepage. This is your ordering width and will be the overall measurement of the blind.

STEP 2: Measure the height of the area you wish to cover. This is your ordering height. Be sure to take into account the flat mounting surface needed (see above) when measuring the area you want to cover with your shade. The factory will make your shade (including the roller at the top or the cassette valance, if ordered) to the height ordered. Generally 3" - 4" added to the height of your opening (including molding or framework you wish to cover) will allow you room to mount above the window frame.

NOTE: Your shade material will be made 1-1/2 inches narrower than the measurement you provide to allow for brackets. If you need your shade to cover a specific width (e.g. for mounting a shade on a door) add 1-1/2 inches to your ordered width for the desire fabric width.

How to Install Deluxe Vinyl Roller Shades

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  • Fit or Free™ Guarantee
  • If you make a mistake in measuring and your blinds don't fit, simply contact us within 60 days and we'll remake the product in a different size free of charge, you only pay shipping. For non-motorized blinds and shades, the shipping charge is 15 per product and a limit of 5 free remakes per customer per order. For shutters and all motorized products, there is a 15 shipping charge and a limit of 1 free remake per customer per order. An oversize freight fee of $75 per order will apply on remake orders with products 94" wide and greater, vertical blinds 94" wide or tall and greater, and all shutters. This offer is not available on all premium sheer shades, closeout products, commercial or dealer orders. Please see our policies page for full details.

  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • We stand behind the quality of our products by offering a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. If you're unhappy with your purchase, just let us know within 60 days of receipt and we'll work to find a different product for you, or assist you in returning it to us for a refund. We promise to do everything we possibly can to achieve your satisfaction. However, if we simply can't make you happy, we'll provide you with a return authorization and shipping instructions to return your order for a refund.*Please Note: If you are ordering a product for the first time, we recommend ordering just 1 first so you'll be certain it meets your expectations. Everything we sell is custom made to order and cannot be resold; returns are donated to a local charity. For this reason, orders valued at $500 or more cannot be returned for a full refund. We may authorize the return of orders valued over $500, however the maximum refund amount is $500. Return shipping costs, oversize freight fees, and handling fees are non-refundable. Premium sheer shades, closeout products, commercial and dealer orders cannot be returned for a refund.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • The manufacturer warrants that their products will be free from manufacturing defects for the reasonable lifetime of the project for which it was originally purchased. This limited warranty is provided to the original purchaser only and shall not apply if the product is damaged due to alteration, misuse, improper installation, normal wear and tear, exposure to the elements, fire, or acts of God. Fading from extensive exposure to sunlight is a normal occurrence and is not covered under this limited warranty. This obligation is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product(s) and excludes shipping charges and labor costs. Motorized products and remote controls are warranted for a period of 5 years.