Color selected: Bengal CloudFabric: Bamboo 89%, Polyester 11%

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Product Description

Each of our intricate, unique weaves is eco-friendly and composed of real bamboo slats and reeds. The individual weave construction determines how much sunlight will filter through, but there is always the option to add a light-filtering privacy liner or a room darkening liner.

  • Motorization and Cordless option
  • Color-coordinated lift cords
  • Optional edge binding
  • Integrated valance included
  • Conforms to C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines

* Production time is between 9 - 11 business days.

Product Specifications and Restrictions

Min Width
12 inches
Max Width
96 inches
Min Height
12 inches
Max Height
108 inches
Min Depth Required for Inside Mount

1 ½ inches

Depth Required for Flush Inside Mount (Corded & Top-Down Bottom-Up corded)

2 ¼ inches

Depth Required for Flush Inside Mount (Cordless, Continuous Cord Loop, & Motorized)

3 ¼ inches

Flat Space Required for Outside Mount

1 inch

Inside Mount Deduction

approximately ½ inch

Outside Mount Headrail Width (Corded, Top Down Bottom Up corded)

ordered width

Outside Mount Headrail Width (Cordless, Continuous Cord Loop, and Motorized)

approximately + ½ inch wider

Headrail size (Corded & Top Down Bottom Up Corded)

1 ½ inches deep


Headrail size (Cordless, Continuous Cord Loop, and Motorized)

2 ½ inches deep

Outside Mount Valance Width (Standard Cord, Corded Top-Down Bottom-Up, and Motorized)

1 inch wider than ordered width (½" each side)

Outside Mount Valance Width (Continuous Cord Loop and Cordless)

1 ½ inches wider than ordered width (¾" each side)

Valance height when shade height is 18 inches and over

6 inches

Valance height when shade height is less than 18 inches high

4 inches

5 Channel Remote control required to operate motorized shades

Remotes from other companies will not operate Blindster shades.

Remote Control Range

approximately 80 feet

Battery Lifespan for Motorized Shades

The average battery charge will last 6-12 months

Easy Rechargeable Feature

8.4 volt adapter plugs into standard electrical outlet, has a 13 feet black cord

All shades are pre-programmed at the factory

Remote can operate up to five shades simultaneously, individually, or in groups.

Charger NOT included for Motorized Shades

At least 1 charger is required to recharge the battery.

*Recharge time on a shade is 5 hours, chargers are not meant to be plugged into the shade long term.


Product restrictions

  • 2on1 Headrails will be made with a standard lift cord. Left shade will have lift on the left and right shade will have lift on the right.

Key Features

Cordless Lift

Cordless Lift

Eco-Friendly Material

Eco-Friendly Material

Built-in Valance

Built-in Valance

Product Configuration

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