Bamboo Woven Wood Shades

Sunlight filtering through bamboo shades gives rooms a warm, natural glow with a gorgeous, textured design. Sourced from sustainable, eco-friendly materials, bamboo shades (aka woven wood shades) come in a wide range of styles featuring bamboo, jute, reeds, wood and grasses for a look you'll love. You'll also love the savings that come with ordering from Blindster and installing yourself!

Learn More about Bamboos:

See why bamboo woven wood shades could be right for you

The natural beauty of Bamboo Window Shades

Bamboo shades come in various styles and colors, emphasizing natural, earthy colors that highlight the unique character of each bamboo slat. Get the style you want from casual to upscale, and from cozy getaway to beachfront resort - just pair one of our many bamboo shade colors with your decor for an unforgettable look.

Dress to impress or casual sophistication

We offer a wide range of different bamboo shade designs – some even without bamboo! It’s why these types of shades are sometimes called woven shades, since they can be made from various hand-loomed combinations of bamboo, grass, wood, jute and other natural materials. Choose the design that speaks to you, whether you’re going for a casual look or designer elegance – our bamboo shades can do both! 

Why Bamboo Woven Wood Shades are right for you:

Designers, decorators, and DIYers all love the look of bamboo shades – and you will too! Here are a few reasons to put woven wood shades in your home:  

  • Easily add character to your windows while complementing your style  
  • Some styles allow in more or less sunshine – choose more open weaves for a bright airy atmosphere, or a tighter weave for more light control and privacy  
  • Need extra privacy or light control? Add a light filtering or room darkening liner to the back of the shade  
  • Sourced from sustainable materials for eco-friendly decor 

Good looks and functional design

Not just a pretty face, bamboo blinds have it where it counts too – great features that help you raise and lower the shade with easy, keep it looking like new and even ways to keep your kids safe from dangling cords:  

  • When customizing your shade, choose shades with traditional cord lift, cordless bamboo shades, or even shades with battery-powered motorized operation  
  • Optional edge binding wraps the sides of your shade with your choice of fabric edging to add a decorative accent and prevent fraying  
  • Top-down/bottom-up is an upgrade that lets you not just raise the shade from the bottom but also lower it from the top to maximize privacy and lighting control  

Browse our collection of stylish, eco-friendly bamboo blinds, and order your free samples today! Or contact us for help choosing from our larger collection of shades and blinds.