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Product Description

Your home is your sanctuary and your retreat from the outside world – so when too much outside light disrupts that sanctuary, you need blackout cellular shades to help regain your serenity. No matter if it's sunlight or streetlight, the blackout fabric of this shade blocks light and provides complete privacy. The cellular design also acts as a barrier between your home and outside temperatures to help reduce your heating and cooling bills. One-day production helps get your shades to you quickly so you can reclaim your sanctuary fast!

Get to know this shade:

  • Inside of shade fabric is lined with 100% light blocking Mylar material
  • Fabric is formed into insulating cells with 5/8" pleats and an R-value rating of 5.0 for best-in-class insulating abilities
  • The back (outside facing) side of the shade is gray, and PVC rails are color coordinated to the shade with a semi-gloss finish

Why you'll love this shade:

  • Blackout shade darkens rooms when needed to create a soothing environment, perfect for bedrooms, TV rooms and any window with strong sunlight
  • Get your new shades quickly with one-day production for most orders
  • Shades easily raise and lower with a gentle push or pull on clear handles at the bottom of the shade
  • Reduce energy bills with year-round insulation against both outdoor heat and cold
  • Certified Best for Kids™ for cord-free, child-safe operation

Key considerations:

  • Shades are produced in one business day after order is confirmed; allow 5-7 business days for shipping
  • Shade fabric blocks light from passing through the shade; some light may indirectly enter the room around the sides of the shade
  • For additional window sizes or options, consider our Deluxe Blackout Cellular Shades

Product Specifications and Restrictions

Min Width
19 inches
Max Width
72 inches
Min Height
24 inches
Max Height
84 inches
Min depth for inside mount (Standard Installation)

1 3/8 inches 

Depth required for flush mount (Standard Installation)

2 1/8 inches

Min Flat Space For Outside Mount (Standard Installation)

1 inch

Headrail size

1 7/8 inches x 1 7/8 inches

Inside Mount Width Deduction

Approximately 3/8 inch

Product restrictions

Cordless is the only available lift type
2 on 1 headrails are not an available option
Side Mount not available for Inside Mount, top mount only