Cordless Light Filtering Double Cellular Shades
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Product Description

Don’t let your money go out the window! Cellular shades help insulate your home against heat transfer in your window, during both summer and winter, to help lower your cooling and heating bills. The double cell construction provides even greater insulating capacity compared to single cell shades, and helps to dampen outside noise. Since there are no dangling cords, these shades are safe for children and pets and look tidy in the window. Double cell fabric provides excellent privacy while still allowing natural light to filter into the room.  These shades are made in one day for fast delivery!

Get to know this shade:

  • Shade fabric has 3/8" pleats and every shade color is white to the outside for a neutral appearance
  • Double cell construction provides superior insulation with an R-Value of 4.4
  • Color-coordinated PVC headrail and bottomrail feature a semi-gloss finish

Why you'll love this shade:

  • Excellent insulator against heat transfer into the room, protecting your home year-round from unnecessary heating and cooling expenses
  • Cordless operation means easy lifting of the shade, no messy dangling cords plus worry-free installation for small children
  • Your shades get to you fast with one-day production
  • Light filtering fabric diffuses bright light and distributes it around the room while providing privacy
  • Certified Best for Kids™ for exceptional child safety

Key considerations:

  • Cordless shades are opened by pushing on the bottom of the shade – be sure you can reach as high as you wish to raise your shade
  • Shades are produced in one business day after order is confirmed; allow 5-7 business days for shipping

Product Specifications and Restrictions

Min Width
18.375 inches
Max Width
72 inches
Min Height
24 inches
Max Height
84 inches
Min depth for inside mount

1 3/8  inches 

Depth required for flush mount

2 1/8 inches

Headrail size

1 7/8 inches x 1 7/8 inches

Min Flat Space For Outside Mount

1 inch

Inside Mount Width Deduction

Approximately 3/8 inch

Product restrictions

Cordless is the only available lift type
2 on 1 headrails are not an available option
Side Mount not available for Inside Mount, top mount only