Cellular / Honeycomb Shades 

Blindster cellular shades have excellent insulating properties and help control room temperature by preventing heat transference in and out of windows. Probably the most versatile window treatment, cellular honeycomb shades fit any privacy and light control role in a wide selection of colors and features.  

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See why cellular shades could be right for you

What are Cellular Shades?

Cellular shades are also called honeycomb shades. The shade material is folded and creased to create honeycomb-shaped "cells" – airy layers that reduce heat loss in the summer and help retain heat in the winter.  

  • These cells create an intermediate layer of insulation between your home’s interior and exterior, helping to save you money year-round.
  • When opened, honeycomb blinds fold up like an accordion into a compact stack, providing you with an obstruction-free view.
  • Cellular shades can have a single column of cells (single cell cellular shades) or two staggered columns (called double cell shades).

Cellular Shades features and styles:

Cellular shades have a wide variety functional and stylistic options to choose from:  

Why you would want to buy Cellular Shades:

Cellular shades are one of the most versatile window treatments, so they are suited for almost any window, style, and purpose. Here are a few reasons why cellular shades might be right for you:  

  • Great insulators – honeycomb shades can reduce heating and cooling costs year-round.  
  • Wide variety of colors including whites and off-whites, neutrals and bold colors to coordinate or contrast with your existing decor  
  • Lift and operating styles for every need: corded, cordless, motorized and top-down/bottom-up lift systems let you choose the best way to raise and lower your shade  
  • Fabric available in either light filtering or blackout for just the right opacity and light control 

How to shop Cellular Shades:

There are a few basic things to help you narrow down which cellular shades are the best choice for you:  

  • Start by deciding if you want light filtering or blackout cellular shades. Both provide privacy but do you want to block all the light or just some? Blackout is often best for bedrooms and nurseries, but both fabric options can work anywhere.
  • Next consider if you want single cell (bigger pleats look less busy, especially in larger windows) or double cell shades (smaller stacked cells provide even better insulation).
  • Then just pick the color and lift system that works best for you!

Need help deciding which color and style of cellular shade are right for your next window treatment? Order up to ten free samples from Blindster to see how different honeycomb blinds look in the room where you’ll use them. Once you choose your cellular blinds, check out our financing options to make your window treatment project as cost-efficient as possible! Are cellular shades not right for you? Check out all our window shades options.