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Product Description

Our outdoor solar shades can be installed in a number of locations to help you reduce overpowering sunlight and heat so you can enjoy your outdoor space.  Perfect for patios, overhangs and gazebos to block that morning or afternoon sun, our solar screen fabric is still see-through enough that you don't lose your view and air can still pass through. For windows with bright sun, you can install an outdoor shade outside over the window to block heat from ever entering your home so that your energy bills are lower (and you're more comfortable!). Cooler temps, less glare, and you don't lose your view? Perfect!

Get to know this shade:

  • Vertilux® Solar Screen 3000 woven shade material is durable and waterproof, and is partially see-through to retain your view
  • Two fabric options – 5% openness blocks about 95% of UV rays, and 10% openness blocks about 90%
  • Nylon beaded chain is color coordinated and is used to raise and lower the shade (includes tensioning device to secure the chain)

Why you'll love this shade:

  • Special solar screen material reduces heat gain to keep your patios and gazebos cooler
  • You won't lose your view – you can still see through the shade while it blocks the sun and heat
  • Position in front of windows with direct sun to help limit heat passing through the window and to cut down on cooling costs
  • Cassette valance option provides a finished look and hides the fabric roll at the top of the shade
  • Shade material is fragrance free, non-toxic, and flame retardant

Key considerations:

  • Fabric will be up to 1 3/8" narrower than the ordered width in order to accommodate the operating mechanisms and installation bracket
  • Bungee hold downs recommended to limit shade movement in the wind

Product Specifications and Restrictions

Min Width
15 inches
Max Width
115 inches
Min Height
24 inches
Max Height
108 inches
Min depth for inside mount

2 ¼ inches

Min depth for inside mount (with valance)

3 ¼ inches

Depth required for flush mount

3 inches

Depth required for flush mount (with valance)

3 ¼ inches

Min Flat Space For Outside Mount

2 ¼ inches

Min Flat Space For Outside Mount (with valance)

3 inches

Inside Mount Width Deduction

Approximately 1/8 inch

Fabric Width Deduction

Approximately 7/8 to 1 3/8 inches (applies to all solar shades regardless of mount type)

Product restrictions

Reverse Roll not available with Cassette System
Optional cassette valance cannot be mounted at the sides. It must be mounted at the back or at the top of the cassette
Not available with a Motorized or Cordless lift option