Pleated Shades

Our collection of pleated window shades blends the softness of a fabric shade with the textural interest of crisp horizontal pleats. Make your home feel warm and inviting with beautiful, diffused natural light while protecting your family's privacy. Dress up your windows with the crisp look of custom pleated shades!

Learn More about Pleated:

See why pleated shades could be right for you

How Pleated Shades got their pleats

You may have heard the story of how the leopard got his spots. In a related tale, Pleated Shade was once plain and flat but longed to be something more. Pulling himself up as tightly as he could, he flattened himself once, then again, then once more until all of him was folded back and forth as neatly as you could imagine. Pleated shade loved his new look and was happy as could be. 

Okay, that's not how it happened, but our pleated shades are definitely lovely, and the neat, crisp folds of fabric are sure to make you as happy as can be too!  

Benefits of pleated shades:
  • Crisp fabric is permanently pleated for long lasting good looks
  • Pleated fabric design provides a soft but distinctive texture for your windows
  • Our Deluxe Pleated Shades have the easy-to-operate and child-safe cordless lift feature included standard
  • Light filtering fabric gives just the right amount of diffused light and privacy
How to choose and customize your new pleated shade:

We've taken the complexity out of customizing pleated shades, so you'll just need to consider a few things:

  • Cordless lift is standard on our shades, but if you'd like extra flexibility for how you raise and lower your shade, consider our cordless top-down/bottom-up pleated shades
  • Choose a color that blends with your decor – we have a variety of white and neutral tones that pair nicely with most any color palette
  • Next, decide if you want your shade to hang inside or outside the window, and follow our easy measuring instructions for pleated shades to know what size to order
  • You're all set! Enter your choices and we'll get started on your new custom pleated shades!

If you do have questions, don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team for help. You can also order free color samples to help you decide. Enjoy your new pleated shades!