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Product Description

We love the sunshine but sometimes we want to enjoy it on our own timetable. Enter our Deluxe Blackout Vinyl Roller shades to help you decide when you want to let the sunshine pour in, and when you want to block the sun and dim and room.  This budget-friendly shade is packed with value. Customize your lift option and choose from available additional features to enhance the look and performance of your shade. 

Get to know this shade:  

  • 4-ply fiberglass-reinforced vinyl material blocks all light from passing through the shade
  • The back (streetside) of every color is white for a neutral appearance from outside
  • Three available lift options to choose from: beaded chain, cordless or motorized lift
  • Nylon beaded chain and optional cassette valance are color coordinated to the shade (white, vanilla, gray or black)

Why you'll love this shade:

  • Blackout fabric gives you maximum light control and privacy, perfect for bedrooms and media rooms or anywhere with bright direct sunlight
  • Amazingly priced shade with great features and quality to last for years to come
  • Child-safe cordless lift option available at no extra cost – just be sure you can reach as high as you want to lift the shade!
  • Selecting a cassette valance adds a designer finish and helps block light at the top of the window for a better blackout experience
  • Fabric is flame retardant, durable, and easy to clean (all great for kids' rooms!)
  • Meets all CPSC child safety guidelines

Key considerations:

  • The fabric portion of the shade will always be about 1 1/2" narrower than your ordered width due to the operating mechanisms and brackets at the top of the shade
  • A small amount of light can still enter the room around the sides of the shade
  • Shades over 73" wide AND 60" long require a seam in the fabric (see below for more info); our Deluxe Blackout Roller Shades accommodate larger sizes without a seam

Estimated Ship Date:Sep 25th-Sep 27th

Product Specifications and Restrictions

Min Width
15 inches
Max Width
103 inches
Min Height
18 inches
Max Height
120 inches
Min depth for inside mount (without valance)

2 ¼ inches 

Min depth for inside mount (with valance)

2 5/8 inches

Min depth required for inside flush mount (without valance)

3 inches

Min depth required for inside flush mount (with valance)

3 ¼ inches

Min flat space for outside mount (without valance)

1 ½ inches

Min flat space for outside mount (with valance)

2 7/8 inches

Valance Size

3 ¼ inches x 3 inches

Inside Mount Width Deduction

Approximately 1/8 inch

Fabric Width Deduction

Approximately 1 1/8 - 1 ½ inches (applies to all roller shades regardless of mount type)

6 channel remote control required to operate motorized shades

Remotes from other companies will not operate Blindster shades

All shades are pre-programmed at the factory to operate on channel 6

Each remote can be programmed to control up to 6 shades

Remote Control Range

65 feet

Easy Rechargeable Feature

Battery wand is integrated into the roller mechanism of all motorized shades

This product's motorized remote is NOT compatible with the following products:

Deluxe Cellular Shades categories & Premium Solar Shades categories

Charger included for Motorized Shades

1 Charger per order included

*Recharge time on a shade is 8 hours, chargers are not meant to be plugged into the shade long term.

Product restrictions

Reverse Roll not available with a Cassette Valance
Cassette Valance and Cordless lift cannot be combined
Motorized not available on widths less than 20"
Motorized Roller Shades are not compatible with the Motorized cellular shades, or Premium Motorized Solar Shades
Reverse roll must be top mounted (cannot be mounted back to the wall for outside mount).
Shades over 73" wide AND 60" long - vinyl fabric is railroaded (turned on side) and a horizontal seam will be visible. Lengths 60" to 74 1/8" the seam is located approx 55" from the top of the shade. For lengths over 74 1/8" the seam is located approx 45" from the top of the shade.