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Product Description

Note: in accordance with new industry-wide safety standards, this shade now features only cord-free lift options in order to eliminate the hazard that dangling cords may pose to small children.

The saying goes that there can be too much of a good thing. That holds true for light too, especially when too much coming through your window is disruptive. Whether it's the glare on your TV screen or bright light keeping you awake, our Premium Blackout Roller Shades are your solution for toning down that light and getting to your happy place. With these shades, pull them down a bit or all the way to get just the right amount of light or none at all. Your hand-picked options let you take control just the way you want.

Get to know this shade:

  • Attractive looking fabric with woven linen texture; includes a white acrylic backing
  • Blackout fabric allows 0% of light to pass through the shade
  • Wide spectrum of available sizes including extra-large widths and heights for picture windows
  • Premium design inside and out

Why you'll love this shade:

  • Fabric has contemporary looks but is durable and easy to clean; white backing provides neutral appearance to the street
  • Blackout fabric will block light trying to pass through the shade, providing a soothing darkened room when desired
  • Available contoured valance hides the fabric roll and helps block additional light from entering around the top of the shade
  • Features cordless lift for easy operation and an uncluttered look (just make sure you can reach the top of the shade!)
  • Upgrade to the ultimate in convenience with motorized lift control – operate multiple shades easily by remote control, even out-of-reach windows!
  • All colors are also available in light filtering versions so you can keep the same color but adjust light control as needed in each room
  • Meets all CPSC requirements for child safety

Key considerations:

  • Some indirect light may still sneak around the shade even when fully closed; for a complete blackout experience consider laying window treatments
  • The fabric will be about 1 1/4" narrower that our ordered size in order to accommodate the operating mechanisms and brackets at the top of the shade

Product Specifications and Restrictions

Min Width
16 inches
Max Width
84 inches
Min Height
12 inches
Max Height
96 inches
Min depth for inside mount (without valance)

2 inches

Min depth for flush inside mount (without valance)

2 ½ inches

Min depth for flush inside mount (with valance)

3 5/8 inches

Min flat space for outside mount (without valance)

1 5/8 inches

Min flat space for outside mount (with valance)

2 inches

Inside Mount Width Deduction

Approximately 1/8 inch

Fabric Width Deduction

Approximately 1 ¼ inches (applies to all roller shades regardless of mount type)

Product restrictions

Widths less than 22" wide are not available for Cordless lift
Plain tailored hem, no fringe/scallop options