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Product Description

The only thing plain about our Deluxe Plain Fold Roman Shades are the simple horizontal fabric panels that give this shade its classic look. We've assembled a wide selection of exquisite looking fabrics so you can choose the one that best suits your style.  The best part is that we've kept the price much lower than traditional fabric workrooms while keeping the same high quality and handmade workmanship. It's a beautiful combination – plain and simple!

Get to know this shade:

  • Crafted from designer fabrics sewn into traditional horizontal panels
  • Hangs flat when down and raises into soft folds, it's the classic roman shade
  • Completely customizable for your perfect style and function, hand-sewn to your exact specifications

Why you'll love this shade:

  • Beautiful, contemporary look that needs minimal "dressing" or adjustments to the fabric folds
  • The flat panels are best suited to solid or striped fabric options; patterns look great too but may be interrupted at the pleats
  • Light-filtering liner is included standard for structural support and fullness, and for a neutral appearance from the outside
  • Upgrades include cordless (best choice for small children) or top-down/bottom-up lift options and blackout liner
  • Meets all CPSC requirements for child safety

Key considerations:

  • Note that patterned fabric colors will be interrupted at the seams of each pleat, and is especially noticeable with diamond and other geometric patterns
  • To get a seamless look with no interruptions to the fabric pattern, try our Flat Fold Roman Shades
  • The lift cords for the corded and top-down/bottom-up options are positioned behind the shade

* Estimated Ship Date:Jun 15th-Jun 19th

Product Specifications and Restrictions

Min Width
12 inches
Max Width
96 inches
Min Height
16 inches
Max Height
120 inches
Vertical Seams

Shades wider than 48" may have vertical seams

Min depth for inside mount (standard cord lift)

1 ¼ inches

Min depth for inside flush mount (standard cord lift)

1½ inches

Min depth for inside mount (top down/bottom up lift)

2 inches

Min depth for inside flush mount (top down/bottom up lift)

2 ¼ inches

Min depth for inside mount (cordless lift)

1 ½ inches ( Standard), 2 inches (Heavy Duty)

Min depth for inside flush mount (cordless lift)

1 ¾ inch (Standard ) 2 inches ( Heavy Duty)

Heavy Duty Cordless Materials

Valtec, Drew, Turbo, Tulsa, Vista, Tulum, Captiva, Burma, Bergamo, Fresh Files

Min flat space for outside mount

1 ½ inches

Inside Mount Width Deduction

Approximately ¼ inch

Bottom Pleat Variance

The bottom pleat (distance between the bottom hem of the shade up to the first “O” ring) will vary from 2" to 7 7/8"

Product restrictions

Only shades ordered at the same height can be guaranteed to have matching folds.
2 on 1 headrails will be standard lift only with the lift on the left side of the left shade and on the right side of the right shade
Due to the material's weight, some fabrics will require a more robust cordless system. The headrails will be slightly larger for these certain fabrics.
Only Shades with top Down/Bottom Up lift types will have a valance. On Outside Mount Top/Down Bottom Up roman shades, the valance will be 1" wider than the width ordered.