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Product Description

Whether you're going for an upscale, luxurious look or casual comfort, our Premium Soft Fold Roman Shades are the answer for both. This style is sometimes referred to as "hobbled" roman shades due to the way the fabric hangs in gentle loops of fabric on the front of the shade. You'll love the look of these custom workroom shades that you design yourself, saving you from the typical workroom prices. Choose from a broad range of colors and features for the perfect shade delivered right to your door.

Get to know this shade:

  • Fabric panels cascade in soft folds at 6" intervals when the shade is lowered
  • Shades are hand-sewn and assembled to your customized choices for size, lifting system and liner type
  • Backing liner hangs flat to provide a clean, neutral appearance from outside

Why you'll love this shade:

  • With over 100 fabric options to choose from, you'll be sure to find the color and design perfect for your decor
  • Fabric folds create a textured look in the window and create a calming softness within the room
  • Cord lift is standard, or upgrade to top-down/bottom-up lift for dynamic light and privacy control, or to convenient and kid-friendly cordless lift
  • A white light filtering liner is included standard on the back of the shade, or upgrade to the blackout liner for more complete light blocking
  • Conforms with CPSC child safety regulations

Key considerations:

  • Large patterned fabrics will appear slightly interrupted by the fabric folds/seam
  • For smaller patterns, including diamonds and other geometric designs, we suggest our Flat Fold Deluxe Roman Shade with no seams for uninterrupted patterns
  • The pull cords for the corded and top-down/bottom-up options are located behind the shade

* Estimated Ship Date:Jun 15th-Jun 19th

Product Specifications and Restrictions

Min Width
12 inches
Max Width
96 inches
Min Height
16 inches
Max Height
120 inches
Vertical Seams

Shades wider than 48" may have vertical seams

Min depth for inside mount (standard cord lift)

1 ¼ inches

Min depth for inside flush mount (standard cord lift)

1½ inches

Min depth for inside mount (top down/bottom up lift)

2 inches

Min depth for inside flush mount (top down/bottom up lift)

2 ¼ inches

Min depth for inside mount (cordless lift)

1½ inches ( Standard), 2 inches (Heavy Duty)

Min depth for inside flush mount (cordless lift)

1 ¾ inch (Standard ) 2 inches ( Heavy Duty)

Heavy Duty Cordless Materials

Valtec, Drew, Tito, Turbo, Tulsa, Vista, Tulum, Captiva, Burma, Bergamo, Fresh Files 

Min flat space for outside mount

1 ½ inches

Inside Mount Width Deduction

Approximately ¼ inch

Product restrictions

Only shades ordered at the same height can be guaranteed to have matching folds.
2 on 1 headrails will be standard lift only with the lift on the left side of the left shade and on the right side of the right shade
Only Shades with top Down/Bottom Up lift types will have a valance. On Outside Mount Top/Down Bottom Up roman shades, the valance will be 1" wider than the width ordered.