LEVOLOR 2 Inch Light Filtering Sheer Shades
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Product Description

Sheer shadings are one of the more innovative window coverings available today. Constructed with horizontal fabric vanes suspended between front and back layers of sheer material, these unique shades transform the light coming into your room while still preserving your view. The sheer material helps soften and redirect bright sunlight throughout the room, creating a radiant glow. When you need more light blocking or privacy, just adjust the shade slightly and the fabric vanes will turn from horizontal to vertical, closing the shade. Want a full view to the outside? Just raise the shade, and all of the material will flatten and roll up into the top of the shade. LEVOLOR sheer shadings are made to the highest standards and provide wonderful elegance to any decor.

Get to know this shade:

  • 2" wide light filtering horizontal fabric vanes are suspended between two layers of sheer material
  • With the shade down, fabric vanes can be open to diffuse light, or rotated closed for more light control
  • Fully open the shade with standard continuous cord loop control, or upgrade to cordless or motorized lift options

Why you'll love this shade:

  • Sophistication meets function with airy sheer fabric that gently diffuses light, while light filtering fabric vanes rotate to provide privacy
  • Transforms harsh direct sunlight by softening and dispersing it throughout the room
  • Specialized sheer material eliminates moiré effect present on some other brands of sheer shades
  • Shades come standard with color-coordinating painted metal headrail or upgrade to fabric covered headrail for a seamless look
  • Upgrade to motorized lift for effortless operation with remote control, or add the hub to integrate with home automation and app control
  • All shade configurations comply with current CPSC cord safety regulations

Key considerations:

  • The fabric vanes on cordless shades will open to approximately a 45 degree angle; vanes on shades with other lift systems will open more horizontal
  • When ordering motorization, a remote control is required to operate the shades. If ordering the hub, a remote is still recommended as a backup.

Product Specifications and Restrictions

Min Width
12 inches
Max Width
96 inches
Min Height
12 inches
Max Height
96 inches
Min Depth for Inside Mount

1 inch

Depth required for flush mount

3 ¼ inches

Min Flat Space For Outside Mount

1 1/8 inches (std bracket); 1 ¼ inches (ext bracket)

Headrail Dimensions

3 ¼ inches (height) x 3 1/16 inches (depth)

Inside Mount Width Deduction

3/16 inch 

Fabric Width Deduction

1 inch (Inside Mount); ¾ inch (Outside Mount)

15 channel remote control required to operate motorized shades

Remote will only operate LEVOLOR motorized roman shades; other Blindster remotes will not operate the shades


98 feet


Powered by an integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion battery


1 Charger per motorized shade ordered

*Chargers are not meant to be plugged into the shade long term.


Optional hub syncs to Wi-Fi to enable app control and smart home integration

*Connects up to 30 shades

Product restrictions

Widths 26" or less have a max height of 60"
When sheer shades are installed side by side, vane alignment can be achieved within 1/4" only if the room locations are the same. All other specifications must match
When ordering a hub, at least one remote must be ordered as well