Sheer Window Shades

Soft horizontal rows of fabric are suspended between two layers of wispy sheer material in these beautiful and soothing window shades. Those fabric rows can rotate like a blind to block light and prying eyes, but the sheer layers are the star of the show as they gently diffuse and disperse soft light throughout your room.

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See why sheer shades could be right for you

Sheer horizontal shades are like two shades in one

The unique design of our sheer shades gives you the benefits of two different kinds of window treatments.  

  • Horizontal fabric "slats" act like a blind – they can be rotated open so you can see outside or closed to add privacy and block incoming light  
  • With the fabric slats open, the sheer material acts like its own shade, gently filtering light  
  • The shade can also be fully raised for an unobstructed view outside – the shade  rolls up into the headrail and disappears
Benefits of sheer shadings:

These shades create an immediate look of elegance and luxury in any room, but are more than just a pretty face:  

  • Sheer material helps block damaging UV rays to protect your furnishings  
  • Harsh sunlight is instead softened and distributed more evenly and further into the room  
  • Horizontal fabric vanes can be rotated for additional privacy and light control  
  • Sheer shades are available with light filtering or room darkening fabric depending on your needs (the sheer material is the same for both)  
  • Easily raise or lower the shade with included beaded chain or opt instead for motorized remote control  
Recommendations for choosing a sheer shade:

Here are a few suggestions to help you decide if sheer shades are right for you and to help you start ordering:  

  • Decide whether the light filtering or the room darkening version fits your needs better – both provide privacy when closed  
  • Room darkening shades are not completely "blackout" as a small amount of light may still pass indirectly between the fabric slats  
  • With the shade down and the fabric slats "open", the bottom rail will sit just above your windowsill; to close the shade, just pull slightly on the cord and the fabric slats lay flat for complete privacy and the bottom rail will rest against the windowsill for more complete light control  
  • Sheer shades are long lasting and durably constructed but aren't recommended for high traffic or potential "messy" locations like over the kitchen sink or mudrooms  

Don't forget that you can order free samples to help find the right color of sheer window shade and to see how these luxurious window shades are designed. Check out our financing options if you need extra help budgeting your purchase.