Solar Shades

Key Features

  • Easy to Clean
  • Block Harmful UV Rays
  • Blackout Styles Available

Best for...

Rooms that don't require a ton of privacy, but need a little help reducing the sun's glare. In most cases Solar Shades, a type of roller shade, are used in commercial buildings or in sun rooms, kitchens or dens. They can be used in bedrooms and bathrooms as well, but would definitely need a liner to add some privacy.

Reasons to Love Solar Shades

Solar Shades can be a wonderful addition to your home which is why we've decided to list some of the reasons to love solar shades. First reason, they are ideal when you want to make little impact to the aesthetics of your existing window frame and woodwork, as they can be mounted inside window frames. A second reason is they can help reduce energy costs with their ability to absorb and deflect heat and UV rays. Thirdly, they allow for easy outdoor viewing with their see-through nature. And lastly, they allow your inner interior designer to shine due to the ability to layer them with other shades, liners or valances.

Choosing the Right Fabric & Color

When choosing color and fabric for your Solar Shades it is important to remember the differences that color and fabric make. Darker fabrics allow for better light control, help reduce glare, enhance daylight viewing and give less privacy at night. Lighter colored fabrics fend off UV rays and heat, let more daylight in, but offer less outdoor viewing during the day. Just remember that darker colors absorb sun and UV rays, making rooms warmer and lighter colors ward off sunlight making rooms cooler.

Solar Shade Openness

At Blindster we offer different levels of openness with Solar Shades. Let us explain the difference

How to Clean Solar Shades

When cleaning Solar Shades, the key is to not apply too much pressure or water. A damp clean cloth can be used to rid them of dust and dirt. Always be sure that they are completely dry when finished as any left-over water could potentially damage the shades. There is also the option of using the brush attachment on your vacuum or a hand-held duster to keep them looking great. Happy cleaning!

How to Install Solar Shades

How to Install Solar Shades with Chain or Motor

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How Install Deluxe Solar Shades

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