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Embossed PVC Vertical Blinds

An attractive and affordable way of blocking out light from entering large windows in your home or business. The self-aligning wheeled carrier and self-lubricating acetal parts mean these blinds are easy to use and will be reliable for years to come.

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Blindster's Price:$81.20
Production Time: Approximately 5-7 Business Days.
Shipping Time: Approximately 1-5 Business Days.

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Stanford Brite White 1000
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  • Most eonomical way to cover large windows
  • Available up to 129" wide and 129" long
  • Durable 28 gauge 3 1/2" curved PVC louvers
  • High quality aluminum headrail
  • Self-aligning & self-lubrcating wheeled carriers
  • Standard cord & chain controls
  • Optional cordless 36" & 48" wand control
  • 3 1/2" valance included
  • Square-corner valance 
  • Conforms with C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines
  • Fit or Free™ Guarantee
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • 3 1/2" curved PVC louvers
  • Aluminum headrail
  • Square-corner valance included
  • Optional Rounded Corner Valance
  • Square corner returns on outside mount valances
  • Self-aligning, wheeled carrier
  • Self-lubricating acetal parts
  • Cord/chain controls or optional wand
  • 3/8" overlap standard louver spacing
  • Stacking options: left, right, split, center
  • Minimum width: 14"
  • Maximum width: 129"
  • Minimum length: 9"
  • Maximum length: 129"
  • Factory deduction for inside mount 3/8"
  • Inside mount sweep deduction 1/4"
  • Minimum depth for inside mount: 2 1/4"
  • Depth required for inside flush mount: 3"
  • Outside mount flat space required: 1 7/8"
  • Center stack blinds not available with a wand control


Square Corner Valance
  • Square Corner Valance - Decorative trim piece that attaches to and covers the metal headrail at the top of the blinds. Square corner returns on outside mount only.
One way left
  • One way left - Vanes open and stack to the left as you face the window.
One way right
  • One way right - Vanes open and stack to the right as you face the window.
Split stack
  • Split stack - (adds $10) - Vanes open from the center and stack equally to the left and right.
Center stack
  • Center stack - (adds $10) - Vanes open and stack in the center of the blinds.
This is the right location of the Vertical Blind controls.
  • Vertical Blind controls - Right Side - This is the right location of the chain or wand used to open and close vertical blinds.
This is the left location of the Vertical Blind controls.
  • Vertical Blind controls - Left Side - This is the left location of the chain or wand used to open and close vertical blinds.

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Inside Mount

  • Mounted within the window / door frame / wall-to-wall
  • Provides a clean, built-in look
  • Great way to leave attractive woodwork exposed
  • Minimum of 2 1/2" of space required behind track to allow for each vertical slat to open
  • Depth required for flush inside mount: 3"
  • Minimum depth required for inside mount: 2"
  • If window frame isn't deep enough, please select outside mount

Outside Mount

  • Great option when there is not enough depth for an inside mount
  • Mounted to the wall, ceiling or molding surface surrounding the window
  • Creates an illusion of extra height to a room
  • No minimum depth requirement
  • Minimum flat surface (on wall, ceiling or frame) required for secure mount: 1 7/8”. Be sure to take into account the flat mounting surface area when measuring the area you want to cover with your blind. The factory will make your blind (including the headrail) to the exact width and height ordered.

Measuring for Inside Mount

STEP 1: Measure the inside width at 3 locations - the top, middle and bottom. Record the smallest of the 3 measurements. This is your ordering width. We will make the necessary deductions (approx. 1/2").

STEP 2: Measure the height at 3 locations – the left side, middle and right side. Record the smallest of the 3 measurements. This is your order height. We will make the necessary deductions (approx. 1/4").

Measuring for Outside Mount

STEP 1: Measure the width of the area you wish to cover. If space allows we recommend adding 6-12" inches total (3-6" on each side) to overlap the window and avoid light gaps.

STEP 2: Measure the height of the area you wish to cover. This is your ordering height (from the top of your blind to the bottom of the vertical vanes). Remember to allow for the 1 7/8" of flat space needed for your mounting brackets. Generally 3" - 4" added to the height of your opening (including molding or framework you wish to cover) will allow you room to mount above the window frame.

Please note: We recommend that verticals hang 1" off the floor and/or a minimum of 1/4" off of the window sill. The factory will make outside mount vertical blinds (mounting above or to the side of the window opening) the exact height ordered (top of the headrail to the bottom of the vanes). The factory will make an approximate 1/4" deduction from the height for all vertical blinds ordered as inside mount (mounting inside the window opening).

How to Install Vertical Blinds

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